Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla review – game debuts with PS5 and Xbox Series X

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – Norse mythology is on the rise. Series, comics, movies and games explore North European folklore with characters like Thor, in Marvel productions, and most recently with Kratos, in God of War. Now Ubisoft has decided to drink from the source of the Valkyries, with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, a game that hit the market on November 10 with the mighty Xbox Series X, but with editions for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One. , with editions ranging from R $ 200 to R $ 500.

Valhalla, which can also be spelled Valhalla, Valíala or Walhalla, comes from Old Norse Valhöll. In a literal translation, it means Hall of the Dead, set in Asgard mythology. This is where the god Odin takes his great heroes. For the Vikings, it is what Christians would call paradise, in addition to exclusive. When they are dead, they are ruled by the Valkyries, winged women, who are kind of an angel. So at that time, everyone wanted a place at Odin’s Club Med.

New generation

The game has been designed to deliver maximum performance to the new generation of consoles. Various video and audio parameters can be adjusted. It also offers display control settings (which allow for violent scenes) and even nudity. In other words, the people of Ubi were very meticulous in the production.

As in Odyssey, the player can play as a man or a woman. In the previous game, it was necessary to define the gender at the start of the campaign. This time it’s different and you can change your body whenever you want. And to do this, the producers have adopted a very plausible argument.

Your friend might not know it, but the Assassin’s Creed series takes place in a conflict between the Order of the Assassins and the Templars. Scientists have developed technology that allows them to connect to memories of ancestors, stored in the DNA of the characters’ descendants.

And in AC Valhalla, from the start of the game, there is a flaw that does not make it precise to identify the gender of Eivor, the game’s protagonist. Thus, it is possible to make the exchange at any time. Technically, the gender reassignment doesn’t change Eivor’s abilities at all, just the voiceover.

The game

Eivor saw his parents killed in a confrontation with Kjotve the Cruel. His father surrendered to spare the clan, but the villain spared no one and even took his father’s ax. Eivor manages to escape with the help of his caring brother Sigurd. After 17 years, Eivor comes out of an ambush and finds the ax. And that’s when jiripoca takes a look and the plot begins.


Ubi has created a very coherent roadmap to take the “association” to the Arctic Circle. At the start of the campaign. Sigurd, the king’s son, returns from a trip. In addition to the loot, he also took Basim and his ward. They meet in the Mediterranean and team up with Sigurd to defeat Kjotve. And that’s when the Eivor is presented with the classic assassin’s retractable blade.


The game follows the same pattern as the last games in the franchise. Your map is gigantic and crammed with extra tasks. Do you remember the settings? That’s right, the player can activate a navigation mode in which tasks, riches and challenges are not stuck on the screen. This requires the player to do a full swipe of the map, which makes the game more difficult.

That way, whenever a little dot shines on the guidance guide at the top of the screen, it’s worth changing the route to see what’s there. These are often commodities, but it is possible to find valuable artifacts and good challenges.


The combat mechanism has become simpler. In Assassin’s Creed: Origins (2017), a title that took the player to Egypt, attack and defense mechanics from “For Honor” (2016 online fighting game) have been incorporated. It was fun, but a little bureaucratic.

In Odyssey, this has been simplified. It is now R1 for light attack, R2 for heavy attack, L1 for defense, and L2 for bow. On Xbox, the logic is the same. It makes the game smoother. But the player must be careful with his energy bar. As in Nioh, the player, after hits and defenses, is out of breath. At this point, you have to back up to avoid being hit and recover the gas.


Anyone familiar with the franchise knows that the player needs to improve their costumes and weapons. The game offers in addition to several collectibles along the way, it is possible to improve what you already have. The player can add runes, which increase various attributes. It is also possible to collect supplies for the blacksmith in order to upgrade the pieces of armor and weapons.


Ubi likes to perfect the look of his games. In Valhalla, it was no different. If a week ago, Watch Dogs: Legion showed detailed London and now sprawls into a frozen realm. The game has an amazing look, with beautiful landscapes and countless historical elements. Many of them will be new to the public, as they are not as popular as the great Egyptian and Greek buildings.

One of the highlights is the cinematic camera, similar to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. It allows you to contemplate the game from different angles as if it were in a movie. The texture of the water is photorealistic.

Anyone who plays on the PS5 and Xbox Series will have an even more refined picture spectacle before their eyes than on veteran devices. However, it’s still a game that offers some really cool immersion on PS4 and Xbox One, with quirks like breath vapor in icy places, tracks, and snow sticking to clothes.

Last word

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla arrives to show once again how important the franchise is to Ubisoft and that it has the clout to explore the next generation of consoles. Despite a few bugs, the game went well. Of course, on PS4 we still have to live with the loads that take endless seconds. But these are elements that do not compromise the gaming experience.

The game is very well done and its gameplay is excellent. The climbs allow access to any point on the map and traditional navigation (which has become commonplace since “Black Flag”) offers the player a very rich campaign.

It is still early days to say the game is better than Origins and Odyssey, but it could be said that Ubi has arrived at Olympus, even if it is the Vikings.

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