Back 4 Blood: We participated in the beta test

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – Apocalyptic games never go out of style, even if the narrative is pretty much the same. “Back 4 Blood” plunges into this pool of frozen blood, scattering gunshots and viscera across the screen. Scheduled for release on October 12, the game will have versions for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

But before they hit the market, Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios ran beta tests to check the game, servers, cross-play, and other factors. The result has been more than positive. The game went well, with rare bugs and no connection loss. Between August 5 and 9, the test had more than 100,000 simultaneous players.

Online cooperative play promises to be a pleasant surprise this year. From the test, it was possible to participate in matches with players from different platforms and, apparently, without delays and mismatches between consoles and computers.RETURN 4 BLOOD

The game

The story takes place in the current period, in which a parasite generates a zombie holocaust. And like every doomsday game, the player is one of those who must clean up the planet. The player is part of a team called sweepers.


The game features eight characters: Holly, Hoffman, Evangelo, Karlee, Doc, Jim, and Mom (Mom). The player can choose anyone or let the computer make the selection. However, the physical appearance is only cosmetic, as what matters is how the player evolves their profile and selects advantage cards to enter a game.

These cards can be combined with each campaign. They can give you reload speed, more energy, better aim, and other attributes. They are useful in campaigns divided into stages, separated by secure rooms.

As in other online games, the more you play, the more material the player can acquire that makes your life easier. And even though it is a cooperative game, there is an argument between the participants for better performance. At the end of the game, the one who has worked the best will have a greater reward.

Back 4 Blood Graphics

“Back 4 Blood” a grotesque game like any zombie title. The dark and dilapidated sets amplify the apocalyptic tone of the production.

During the campaign, the players are bathed in blood. Because popping a zombie with a shotgun at close range is a sign of dirty laundry. But it’s a whim that shows how the producers seek to intensify the player’s immersion.


The game offers a large arsenal and allows improvements, as well as promotional purchases, using the credits earned in the game. But it goes without saying that the credits will necessarily be offered in the online stores of each platform.

Thus, the player has pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, clubs, heavy machine guns, as well as upgrades for them, with different types of sights, ammunition and parts, such as butts. .


The game essentially puts players in front of hordes of zombies, which appear along the way. In addition to conventional zombies, the game also adds explosive creatures, as well as gigantic beings and others capable of shooting.


last word

The beta version of “Back 4 Blood” reveals not only a good game, but also the whole structure around the production. A stable and fully functional game. Also, being cooperative, the player is not in that agony of online FPS where you spend most of your time dying rather than playing. That is, you go from start to finish and are supported by strangers who become your best friends.

The crowd at Turtle Rock Studios did a great job.

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