Back 4 Blood – we play the “son” of Left 4 Dead

by Nathan Dutil

Co-op games are much more enjoyable than knockout games. Getting a group together to achieve a goal together is cool, it sounds like a school scavenger hunt. “Back 4 Blood” hits the market to bring back the spirit of collectivism, without this story that there can only be one.

After testing the beta, it was time to verify that the game was ready. First, you have to place the friend in the story of the game. The theme is the good and gooey zombie apocalypse. While the world is in ruins, small resistance groups are still standing to not let humanity go. It’s history.


The game is a spiritual successor to “Left 4 Dead” from 2009. So much so that it was produced by the same studio as Turtle Rock, but with a distribution by Warner Bros and not by Valve.

In the game, the player is part of a team of four participants. The game features eight characters (Walker, Holly, Hoffman, Evangelo, Karlee, Doc, Jim, and Mother), each with their own unique characteristics. But what really matters is being quick and having a clear goal.

The objective is to make the team go through the scenarios in different acts. With each act, you have to sweep the path, detonate the creatures. The game allows you to play with three other players on a network or with bots. Even though the coolest thing is having real people in the session, bots don’t keep the player stuck waiting for someone to play, as was often the case in games like “Predator: Hunting Grounds. “.


“Back 4 Blood” in an FPS by function. The player can carry a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. He can also buy upgrades for his weapon. But the improvements relate to this specific weapon. For example: the player equips his rifle with a laser sight, but during the campaign he finds a shotgun. This one will not have the accessory.

So it is good for the player to choose a trebuchet and keep it during the campaign. The secondary weapon can vary between pistols and melee weapons, such as clubs and axes. The advantage is that they deal damage and are not dependent on ammo. On the other hand, they require proximity to the enemy. Items such as drugs, grenades and other explosives complete the list.

The game offers advantage cards. These features provide perks like reload speed, as well as more health, among others.



In the game, the zombies are called “Ridden”. Although fragile, they move quickly. We must therefore always be attentive. If that wasn’t enough, the game also adds more powerful creatures like Spitters, which attack from a distance. The big boy, on the other hand, is a guy with an arm that looks like a club. And there is always a giant. They all have one point of weakness, highlighted in red. For these creatures, ranged attack is critical.

This is because these creatures do a lot of damage and the drugs are objects that are nowhere. The knocked down player can be revived by a teammate. But in the heat of the moment, it is common not to have time to be rescued. So the advice is to stay away and avoid groups of zombies because when they pile up it is difficult to eliminate them and even escape.

Back 4 Blood Graphics


The look of “Back 4 Blood” is surprising. The game offers neat scenarios, with refined textures in all environments, without those opaque backgrounds that resemble the building of “Keys”.

A good point is that the characters are covered in blood and viscera during the stages. Often the player confuses his teammate for a zombie.


last word

“Back 4 Blood” arrives as another title that drinks from the pool of sweet blood of the zombie apocalypse. It is a game where the player gets used to it quickly. His great pleasure is to allow the player to be able to play both alone and in the company of colleagues.

But since it’s not all flowers, its only downside is the price. Expensive, their prices range from R $ 280 to R $ 500, with editions for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One.

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