Desperados III review – The game does not have the same immersion as 20 years ago

by Nathan Dutil

Published by THQ Nordic, the game wants to save the RTT style and prove that it can run on consoles as well.

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – The mouse has played an important role in the computer games industry. This made it possible, for example, for developers to explore new forms of gameplay that went beyond keyboard arrows. In addition to real-time strategy and adventure games (RTS), RTT was born. It’s the acronym for Real-Time Tactics, a puzzle game model that requires combinations of actions to achieve goals. And one of the more recent productions of the genre is Desperados III, released by THQ Nordic.

The franchise is resurfacing after 13 years, since the last Helldorado game. The series appeared in 2001 and followed the gameplay model of the Commandos series. Now the game has won editions for PC, Mac, and mouse-supported platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One with values ​​ranging from R $ 175 to R $ 400.

Playing an RTT with the joystick is no problem. In fact, it is very convenient. Because all the controls are at your fingertips and there’s no need to search for hotkeys on the keyboard or type in action bars. PC RTTs require the character to move click-by-click, in an isometric view scenario. On the console, all you have to do is control it using the analog sticks. It’s kind of like an action game.

The difference is that one of the analog works like a camera control, which was the function of the mouse in computer games. This way the game allows you to rotate the scene, as well as open or close the zoom. But let’s be honest: the game doesn’t have the same grace as it did 20 years ago.

The game

Desperados III tells the story of bounty hunter John Cooper, who sweeps the West in search of a dangerous bandit. The tutorial even shows the protagonist still young, inheriting his father’s abilities. The game is a prelude to the 2001 title, and the plot begins with a train theft. The player must defend the composition and finish off the bandits.From there, the plot unfolds. But let’s not spoil the story. Even though the plot is practically pointless, because what involves the player is to win every challenge that arises as the player advances.


Desperados III is not a frenetic shooting game. Cooper has his guns, but ammunition is scarce. So don’t try to play the gunslinger. In this game you have to be stealthy. Distract enemies, attack from a distance, hide bodies. If you do stories, more enemies will appear on the map. And when resources are depleted, beating an opponent can be very tricky.

During the plot, the player adds new characters, who begin to roll with Cooper. Each of them has different abilities. And the big secret of the game is to combine these skills with the challenges that will be presented.

However, you need to be careful, as each character has limited inputs, such as bandages, ammo, explosives, and other resources. A tip is to take a good look at the map to get an idea of ​​what will be needed at each point.


The game has detailed graphics, as is often the case in RTTs. It looks like a mockup with its little figures. But, even from a distance, the game offers good light and shadow effects, which makes the game more interesting.

last word

Playing Desperados III on PS4 made me wonder if RTT isn’t in favor yet. The game looks silly. And the original was not like that. Other games with a strategic grip like XCOM and How To Survive also use the isometric style, but they manage to retain the player better than the title Mimimi Games.

This hostile perception made me reinstall Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. The immediate thought was: have these games lost their grace? Why has he been dragged so far to play it now?

And the conclusion is this: each mission comes down to a map with its challenges. On PC, the pace of play is slower. You look at the map, lean back and think.

With the joystick in hand, the player tends to keep moving. He’s conditioned for it. You want action. And that feeling of having to stand still and squeeze in is what takes away the fun of gaming on the console.

So I can say that Desperados III is not a bad game, but it does not match the console well. In addition it is expensive. But to anyone who wants to know about the franchise, I recommend looking for the first episode for PC or Mac, it’s offered for R $ 8 on Steam. The combo with the first two games costs R $ 20. There, the law of the mouse works.

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