Doom Eternal Review – Fast, Bloody, and Merciless, Like Every FPS Should Be

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – I’m sick of writing here that if you’re playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, or any other first person shooter today, thank Doom. It was not the first FPS on the market, but it was from him that the genre took off, in 1993. And after almost 30 years, the series receives a new title: Doom Eternal. The game arrived on March 20 on PC. , PS4 and Xbox One and essentially rewrites the story of Doom II: Hell on Earth. In short, the game is about how the hell hordes who took control of the UAC company colony on Mars managed to teleport to planet Earth.

And again, the player takes on the role of protagonist Doomguy, who is currently called the Doom Slayer, to appear more aggressive. Still on Mars, the hero discovers that the Earth has been decimated by infernal creatures and transports himself to begin his solitary fight as well as Arachnotron (this brain with spider legs) and the classic Cacodemon (a floating head that spits balls of energy). But it does add new enemies like the lethargic zombies who appear to be expressionless but are able to annihilate themselves quickly, Doom Eternal follows the same gameplay pattern as Doom (2016). It’s a fast paced game. The player cannot find any hiding places and standing still is safe from death. In this game, the best defense is offense. But a surgical attack, because the game mercilessly doesn’t give you a lot of ammo.

graphics engine

The game hits the home stretch of the current generation, but debuts the id Tech 7 graphics engine, which will be Bethesda’s development tool for PS5 and Xbox Series X. We tested on PS4 (first wave) and the game didn’t save the console, extracting all of its processing power, which could be seen with the Dodge Dart radiator-like fan. . But of course, that doesn’t compare to the footage processed on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, as well as a high-end gaming PC.


As it was made available for the previous game (via the update), the new Doom allows the player to center the weapon, like in the original games, and not move it to the right like modern shooters. This type of vision even makes it easier to target opponents. But after so many years with the guns out of place, like it’s a real sight of them wielding in their right hand, it’s kinda weird.


And speaking of weapons, the game offers a generous arsenal. The player starts the campaign with a shotgun (which allows for different modifications), as well as a blade in the handle, for “glorious finishes” and also for when ammunition runs out, just like the classic chainsaw. The saw, when used, grants health, armor, and ammo. However, it depends on the fuel to be used, the game always reserves the machine gun, grenade launcher, plasma rifle, rotary machine gun, rocket launcher and of course the BFG 10000 cannon, updated version of the BFG 9000, which simply wiped out all of them. enemies of the screen, in the 1990s editions and also in Doom 3 (2004). But “Doom” is only “Doom” with the double barreled shotgun. And there she is.


Doom Eternal follows id Software’s aesthetic school, with gigantic monsters, blood-and gut-drenched storylines, and sadistic executions, complete with dismemberment, slicing a blade through the roof of the enemy’s mouth. and other weird ways to destroy demons. And as former ID director Tim Willits said in an exclusive interview with Today in May of last year, “Destroying demons with big guns is universally fun in any country. I only heard truths!

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