Dreams turns the PS4 into a game factory

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas – Beginning, middle and end. This is how a game is made. This follows a pattern used since we started talking or telling our stories in caves. It’s like that with a book, a theater, a comic strip, a film, a soap opera or a song. And the gaming world is no different. You start the game, go through one, two, three stages, face the boss, conquer the treasure, access the credits and that’s it. However, Dreams offers to be something different. A game that has only the starting point. From there, it’s up to you.

The game from Midia Molecule, a studio that became known for the pretty Little Big Planet series, immerses the player in a universe of creation. The player is free to create his game, make music, design and share everything on the game network.

To make this possible, the player can use a joystick or PS Move, which is a stick-shaped controller with a ball at the end. With the traditional Dualshock 4, the player has two ways to manage the game: using the directional pads or the motion sensor of the controller.

The motion sensor is used by the player to manipulate the animal. This is the player’s avatar. It’s a fluffy, friendly little thing that interacts with the scenery, unlocks levels, and serves as the player’s hand in the creative process. The directional pads, however, are used to play the stages of the game.

Do it yourself

Dreams’ level-sharing model has very similar logic to Super Mario Maker’s. The player has a series of resources to build his adventure and then share it in the game community.

However, the game has a very different aesthetic to the mustachioed firefighter game. The game features different elements, with varying visual styles, which borrow forms from countless schools of style.

Thus, each game created is unique, as are the different artistic expressions of the game. Moreover, the title offers different styles of gameplay. It is possible to create third person 3D games, or a nostalgic 2D platformer. The tools to create are not lacking.


Dreams stands out as a friendly game for children. It allows the little ones to travel on their creations. It’s a game that removes the attractive and salable elements of violence, which are not always suitable for children.

If your friend doesn’t consider themselves a great visual artist, composer, or game designer, that’s okay. Just have fun with content created by the studio itself or by the community.

Dreams is so cool that studios like Naughty Dog (Uncharted and The Last of Us) praised Midia Molecule for the game’s release on Twitter.

Congratulations to our amazing friends at @mediamolecule on the launch of Dreams! We are so inspired by your boundless creativity and the amazing platform you have created for others to express theirs. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/DKqvEPdHdP

— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) February 14, 2020

last word

Dreams is one of those games that breaks away from the conventional gaming industry norm. A sophisticated title, which has Portuguese dubbing and very clear instructions for the player to create their games, music and design. It’s a game where hours pass and the creative process is as exciting as playing it. Even better is when your content grabs the audience’s attention and massages their ego.

Exclusive to the PS4, the game has a suggested price of R$165, a value less than the usual R$200 charged for a launch. Worth every penny.

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