eFootball 2022: we test the ugly successor of PES

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – To talk about ‘eFootball 2022’, we need to contextualize the big bullshit in the universe. There is no argument more heated than the eternal dispute between “FIFA” and “PES”. Each four-line franchise has its own organized fans, but they aren’t as loyal as their real-world teams. When a franchise goes awry, people change shirts without remorse. And we have to be fair that in this classic, the EA Sports game showed more beautiful football, literally.

And in an attempt to turn the tide, Konami has completely changed its training in the field. On September 30, she launched “eFootball 2022,” for free, a day before “FIFA 22,” which starts at R $ 290.

In addition to the name change, the game has also changed its strategy. Now the game is free and focused on online matches. The player will no longer have single player campaigns. It is possible to play alone with up to four joysticks simultaneously in quick matches.

eFOOT 2022

The roster of teams for these brief exhibitions is also short: Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, in addition to Brazilians Flamengo, Corinthians and São Paulo. The Buenos Aires River Plate is also on the list. To play online, there are a wide variety of teams, including Brazilians, like Atlético. Cruzeiro and América are also expected to join Konami’s roster.

The game

The first offline match of “eFootball 2022” is a friendly match between Portugal and Argentina. The choice is not due to the current retrospective of the two teams, but simply because there is a duel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Messi is the poster for the match.

He appears dressed in a playing uniform as PSG are not on the offline clubs list. If the hermano was still at Barca, maybe he could show up in Catalan outfit.

The first impression you get is that the game is lousy. But it’s no surprise, when we tested the Pre-Alpha “New Football Game Online Performance Test” version in June, the game was surprised with its raw visuals. At the time, Konami spoke up saying that it was a game in development and that the graphics did not represent the final version.

The point is, the final version has arrived and is graphically hideous, even with the big stars. It’s no surprise to anyone that big ball stars get special treatment in creating a match. Players like Messi and CR7 are designed with great care. But in Konami’s new title, they are disfigured. The game is lousy on PS5, Xbox Series X, and veteran PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, it features graphical bugs that resemble games from the PS2 generation.

Watch the beat!

In the Brazilian version, the duo Milton Leite and Mauro Beting are responsible for narrating and commenting on the matches. And without a doubt, they are the highlight of the game. The old slogans and jokes are there. But there are delays in some comments, screaming goals, and other timing issues. By the way, lag and out of sync is a constant in the game, both online and offline.

Electronic football game

The gameplay turned out to be worse than the previous ones. “PES” has always been a pleasure to play. He had an easy touch on the ball, without that excess of “FIFA” realism. It’s always been a naughty game. So much so that I still like to play my edition of “PES 2010”, for PS3, in which I am a mixture of Edison Arantes and Diego Armando, associated with Tostão, Leônidas and Zinédine. Not now, I’m just the weekend fat uncle.

This is because the commands are quite slow. You are always late for the split. Giving a cart is dangerous, because after giving the order, the player takes a long time to execute and always goes on the opponent’s ankle. In other words, it is missing. Then it is best to stand in front of the player and let him bump into your defender. Not even in the flood plains.

eFOOT 2022

In fact, everything takes time, even the change of player is slow. You press L1 nothing happens. It becomes hopeless. Finally, you never have the ideal “pressure” for the kick.

The great harm of playing “eFootball 2022” is not because it is a bad game, but mainly because it affects your physical condition when playing “FIFA”. The fixed controls have different positions. For example, crossing “square” and hitting “ball” in EA’s game, in Konami’s game the order is reversed.

And change is hell. On PS4, I couldn’t find the way. A colleague said he managed to reverse the kick and cross keys on the PC, and nothing more. So, after you finish playing “eFootball”, you have to hit a ball in “Fifinha” just to get your physical condition back.

In line

In online mode, the player can choose from many teams. But when choosing one, the player cannot change teams. Naive, I chose the Lourdes alvinegro, published with four stars and a renewed cast. The problem is that all the other players chose Paris Saint-Germain of Messi, Neymar, Mbappé, Di Maria and Sergio Ramos, with a maximum score. But that’s the story: once until my death, even in video games.


But what caught our attention was how empty the game was. Finding a player to match took too long. Even looking for players further away (compromising the quality of the connection) he was slow to find someone with their PSG ready.

Maybe it’s because it happened with “FIFA 22”. Whoever has paid for the game will certainly want to live up to the money invested. And since “eFootball” is free, leave it as long as possible.

last word

eFOOT 2022

What you saw in “eFootball 2022” is that Konami wanted to make a free game with online appeal. A sort of “Warzone” and “PUGB” of the ball. The raw graphics clearly show that the game will be simpler to cover as many platforms as possible. But it is this maxim, not everything that is free is worth it.

Left “PES 2010”!

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