Examine Terminator’s Resistance – Limitations Don’t Take Rambo’s “Cousin” Off

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – The gaming market, like any segment of the industry, is cruel. Finding a place in the sun isn’t easy, especially in a universe that has grown into the biggest entertainment industry, with esports segments and big publishers moving billions of dollars every year. For small studios, being able to compete is not easy. Tight budgets interfere with development resources as well as awareness. And the problem is magnified when there is a stain on the program, which can cause early rejection. That’s what happened with Terminator Resistance, a game from Polish studio Teyon, which debuted late last year. For many, Teyon is an unknown name, but he is part of a representative pole of Polish developers. The problem is, the company was responsible for one of the worst games in the business. We’re not talking about Atari’s ET The Extra-Terrestrial. But from Rambo: The Video Game, one of the worst things ever produced, which tarnished one of the most iconic series of the 1980s.

So when a studio that rocked Rambo decides to create a game on the exterminator, the yellow lights come on. Terminator has been slaughtered by specialist critics. The score in the Metacritic indexer was 47 (PS4), 55 (Xbox One), and 60 (PC). However, among consumers, the ratings were 7.2, 7.8 and 8.0, in order. On Steam, the user rating the game is nine, on a scale of 10.


The reason for the critics’ reviews is due to technical and gameplay issues. The game was developed with the Unreal Engine 4. It is an established graphics engine, but which is already obsolete, which compromises the visual quality. The game has the aesthetics of a production from the previous generation. But let’s face it, who would stop playing Call of Duty: Black Ops just because it’s the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation? Of course, CoD: BO is impeccable and you won’t be buying the Terminator game, but that’s just for illustration. Really, the game is far from a sight to behold. The movement does not reproduce the sway of the body. Looks like the character is moving on rails. Another snag concerns the game itself. The game is easy. Even while playing the most difficult levels, it is not difficult to overcome the obstacles.

Killing spiders or drones doesn’t require a lot of effort and dodge skills, which shows that artificial intelligence is lacking. Plus, it looks a bit empty. I don’t know, a little weird. But that must be what the post-apocalypse world looks like.

However, the game has evolved on contact with the T-800, even the soundtrack is more strained. Cyborgs are not affected by fire from ordinary weapons. So, there are times when you have to be stealthy. But not too much, because they are quite stupid.

History doesn’t help

But if we look back, the Terminator has never been a big hit in games. Over the years there have been several titles on the series released, few of which were of good quality. Even Terminator: Salvation (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360), which despite the good graphics and being very faithful to the fourth film in the series, sinned for too easy gameplay, but the game has some very positive elements in its favor. It goes beyond a conventional shooter. With RPG elements it is necessary to collect junk, search for supplies, save people, in addition to a series of tasks that generate interactions with NPCs (uncontrollable characters).

fan thing

The second point is that the game is all about the Terminators, which makes it a must have experience for fans. Experiencing the future moment of the franchise is something really cool, because in the movies themselves (with the exception of Salvation) there are always flashbacks. The animations ensure a good level of drama load to the game and help the player to have a good immersion. The third factor is the price. Terminator: Resistance doesn’t cost anything, but it also doesn’t charge the current version prices, around R $ 250. The cheapest edition is for Xbox One (R $ 147). On Steam the PC edition costs R $ 150 and on PSN the PS4 option starts at R $ 165.

last word

Terminator: Resistance is far from a Triple A production, let alone making it on the list of the best games to buy. But even so, it is a game that has its qualities and its merits. The story is nice and the possibility of facing the T-800 already elects it as a game option. The elements of the game are quite faithful to the universe of the franchise. At a low price, this can be a good option.

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