Fallout 76 Beta – Latest Changes for World’s End

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Newsroom – Dystopian visions of the future have followed mankind for centuries. However, ever since the Little Boy was dropped from the B-29 Enola Gay on August 6, 1945 over the Japanese city of Hiroshima, visions of the apocalypse have grown more sour. The Fallout series has been drinking from radioactive sources for 21 years and is finalizing final adjustments for its next installment, which premieres on November 26.

Fallout 76 will take players to the Wasteland, but with the advantage that they are no longer alone. This episode will be massive online multiplayer, which Bethesda hopes will be endless. It’s a model that has worked well in games like Grand Theft Auto Online, which has held millions of players captive for nearly five years. “GTA” rides on success thanks to the large volume of challenges, events and new equipment that expand its universe. Bethesda wants the same for its doomsday game.

And to attest that its servers will do the trick, Bethesda launched a battery of tests of its Beta version, which had sessions on October 30, November 1 and tomorrow (3). We went to see what the game has to show.


During the hours of testing, there were a few bugs. Flaws such as lack of sound at certain times or characters approaching floating, occurred a few times, indicating that the game is well-oiled. The load time and access to servers was also satisfactory, being even faster than in Fallout 4, which installs on the hard drive of the console or PC.


Fallout 76 has almost the same gameplay structure as Fallout 4. Player can switch to first or third person view. Some control buttons have been changed, which can be confusing at first. But it’s nothing that doesn’t take a few minutes to get used to.


The game has undergone a change in the SPECIAL table. Until Fallout 4, the player when leveling up chose which physical or sensory attribute to evolve, as well as various skills.

Now, at each level, the player receives a map, like in Fallout Shelter. They provide options for benefits such as greater resistance to thirst, as well as the ability to go longer without food.

Love relationship

And speaking of physiological functions, the game has also absorbed the basic needs of Fallout Shelter. Feeding is no longer a function to raise the health bar, but to quench hunger and thirst that compromise game performance.

All of this has a social function in Fallout 76. Players cross paths with each other all the time in the game. They can only defeat enemies together, as well as form teams and trade goods. In a pinch, a mutated tomato or a can of purified water can be worth gold.

Do it yourself

As in Fallout 4, the player must fortify himself with weapons and clothing ranging from small rudimentary accessories to heavy armor. There are two ways to do this, try mining among corpses and ruins, or learn how to do it.

To make your equipment it is necessary to collect materials with wood, metal, screws, tape, glue and even more noble and rare materials. Therefore, the attention with the remains must be greater and neglecting a fan in front of a dilapidated house can cost you a new weapon. Fallout 76 will have versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with prices around R$ 230. An edition for Nintendo Switch was expected, but Bethesda dropped the version.

closing moment

Fallout 76 follows a very similar path to Skyrim Online. It takes advantage of the franchise’s vast universe and tons of bytes already produced to create a living game. And as Bethesda admits, endless. Now it remains to wait for the game to be ready, because in a few hours it is not possible to build lasting relationships.

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