Far Cry 6 – We play Ubisoft’s new FPS

by Nathan Dutil

Ubisoft just released “Far Cry 6”, but a new installment in the franchise. The game retains the imprint of its predecessors, who still cradle the player in a tyrannical plot. This time the villain is Antón Castillo, a dictator played by the brilliant Giancarlo Esposito, the eternal Gus Fring of “Breaking Bad”.

“Far Cry 6 ″ debuts with elements collected throughout the franchise such as the tropical weather from the first and third episodes. The painful remedies of “FC2” as well as the other bugs of the fifth game and the hacks of “New Dawn”. For newcomers to the franchise, that doesn’t mean anything, but for veterans, there is nostalgia.

The story of the game takes place in Yara, a nation formed in an archipelago. In the 1960s, Antón’s father, Gabriel Castillo, was ousted from his government, leading the country to economic collapse. At first glance, it is a caricature of Fulgencio Batista’s Cuba taken by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

Far cry 6

It turns out that Antón takes power in 2014 and develops a drug from the tobacco leaf that promises to cure cancer. After seven years, he decides to enslave poor citizens to work on the planting of the factory. And it is in this scenario that the game takes place.

In the middle of it all is Diego, Castillo’s son, who during the trailers and the beginning of the plot shows himself as a key character in the story. But the grand entrance of the child takes a long time to happen.

Dani or Dani?

The player takes on the role of Dani (who can be male or female). Ubisoft has always been concerned with representation in its games. Even though this is a first person title, they give the player the freedom to choose their gender in the game. Dani gets involved in the bullshit to be an opponent of the regime. To say more would be spoiling. So let’s stop here.

When you choose the male character, he has a style that refers to the right-back, Leo Moura, because of the haircut. He deserved a tribute, because he played a lot.


“Far Cry 6 ″ follows the classic franchise booklet. As already mentioned, there are elements from several episodes of the series. Basically, Dani has to perform countless tasks in the service of the rebels. Thefts, break-ins and sabotage are on the to-do list.

One of the tasks is to dismantle the surveillance points. All over the island there are patrol posts. Passing in front of them always ends with flat tires. Thus, with each displacement, it is necessary to try to dribble the soldiers or to detonate with the barrier. This type of post is very reminiscent of the patrols of the villainous Vaas, from “Far Cry 3”. With the place dominated, the way is free.


Just like in “FC5”, the player has the help of animals for his missions. These are animals with specific abilities, called “Parks”. The first to appear is Guapo, a weird jacketed alligator who follows the player wherever he goes.

But the “kick in the foot” was the inclusion of a cockfight. Criminal practice was added to the plot to contextualize Yara’s culture. The mini-game is a kind of “Street Fighter II” with the most painful. But the game did not go well and the American environmental organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), demanded the removal of content from the game.


“Far Cry 6” has a good list of weapons. These are items that are unlocked during the campaign. Rifles, shotguns, pistols and machine guns are part of the arsenal. But the highlight is against the “Supreme” – a makeshift backpack that shoots mortars and other artifacts.

Far cry 6

By the way, improv is part of the plot, as a good portion of the upgrades are workarounds, which are built with collected junk. After all, the guerrillas fight with what they have in their hands. The problem is that these workarounds do not always provide a high level of accuracy.

In addition to weapon upgrades, the player can upgrade their attire. Dani begins the mission in civilian clothes. After all, the story begins with a meeting on the terrace of the house. But in the course of the game, the player acquires helmets, shoes, pants, bracelets and vests that provide greater mobility and protection.

Far cry 6


Visually the game is beautiful. It arrives designed for the new generation of consoles, with impeccable lighting effects. However, even on the veteran PS4, the game impresses with its visuals. But it takes all of Grandpa’s photo power, with falling frames per second (FPS) moments, but nothing compromises the experience.

Last word

“Far Cry 6” is a spectacular game. Those who follow the franchise may even criticize and say that much of what is made in the game is identical to its predecessors. But it should be understood that the franchise is one of the few big budget productions that are dedicated to long campaigns and without focusing on multiplayer.

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