FIFA 20: Volta Football Mode – for those unfamiliar with the trick

by Nathan Dutil

Football mode returns from FIFA 20, saves the days of FIFA Street, but with inspiration from Fortnite

Marcelo Jabulas – Anyone who knows me knows that I have a special ability for football. Ever since I was a child, I have always aroused feelings of anger and fear in the four lines. When I arrived, the atmosphere was tense. Everyone wanted to know which team I would play for, which everyone could guess, because I was the last to be selected. From there came the anger, the hatred, the fury of my Breton sports compatriots and the relief of my adversaries. It was like that in childhood, it was like that in adolescence and it was like that until I was 34, when I had the maturity to retire from the courts and lawns for good.

The problem is that being a wooden leg also accompanied me to football matches. Due to the liturgy of the position, I always needed to test football games to be published on GameCoin and also on Hoje em Dia. After all, games like FIFA and PES still pump here. And this year, I tested FIFA 20 and PES 2020 again, in their demo versions. There have been hours of humiliation on behalf of the profession. But all was not lost, as FIFA 20’s Football Volta mode was my redemption.

easy to play

This mode is a bargain, saved from FIFA Street fire, with a street kick. In it, the teams have three players, in which each can take the goal. The posts are small, like those of an ice hockey rink. In this mode, whoever scores four goals first wins. It’s very similar to most ball games we play on Brazilian courts, where the traditional two goals or 10 minutes are set.

Unlike the “soccer on the pitch” mode, Volta is very simple to play, since the view of the pitch is almost complete and the walls serve as a table. There is no sideline, baseline or corner. It reminded me of the old Super Striker’s Lounge mode, also known as World Soccer 94.

To gain fans, Volta seeks items from Battle Royale games, such as Fortnite. It allows you to customize your player. You can create your athlete and modify their appearance and clothing. The mode follows the recipe of shooting games, which are popular with children precisely because they allow customizations.

Of course, the fifeiros shouldn’t even give Volta the ball, but for those with no skills with soccer games, this can be a fun game to play at home with the gang. And it can be in the demo version. After all, footballers know very well that naked is played with the shirtless team and the shirtless one. None of this flurry of entering the court in costume. Thus, between a can and a kebab as an aperitif, there is an ugly little champion. Here’s the advice!

Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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