Forsaken arrives to expand the Destiny 2 saga

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | Gamecoin Newsroom – When Bungie announced Project Destiny, it seemed too bold to claim that it would create a massive saga that could be compared to Star Wars. The proposal seemed exaggerated and raised high expectations, which ultimately did not come true. When the game arrived, in 2014, there were no complaints about the graphics and gameplay, only criticism about the repetitiveness of the missions and, above all, the superficiality of the plot.

The correction came with Destiny 2, released in the second half of 2017 and which gave a great orientation to the story, which develops in Destiny 2: Forsaken, the third expansion of the title and which takes the adventure to corners remote from the solar system. .

In this compilation which includes the main game, expansions The Curse of Osiris, The Warmind and Forsaken, the universe of the saga takes shape and details everything that involves the fall of humanity, the emergence of the Traveler (a sphere giant that serves as the energy source for the Earth), enemies like the Red Legion, as well as key characters like the Guardians.


The plot escapes the core formed around the Traveler, and Forsaken’s thread involves the reactions around the death of Guardian Cayde-6, which triggers a sense of revenge among his companions. The player assumes his role in tracking down who is responsible for the death of his robotic and swaggering friend.

With the Portuguese dub, it is easier to get involved in the complex plot of “Renegados”, but it is essential to have won all the other previous expansions to have a perfect knowledge of the story.


Destiny 2: Forsaken continues to offer the same gameplay scheme as the main title, with single-player campaign sequences and also moments where players must face other players who cross paths in the story. Large maps, countless places to explore, collections of objects, different types of interaction are present in the episode.

The fights are still as intense and of an impressive quality. As you might expect, Bungie has a lot of experience with shooters, after all, it was they who produced the main episodes of “Halo”, which also drinks from the source of the extinction of humanity .

The variety of enemies, creatures, as well as weapons, requires “tactical preparation” which is formed during the game. But nothing prevents the player from advancing in the campaign.


One thing the Bungie team can’t complain about is the visual quality of Destiny 2. In Forsaken, the graphical whimsy follows as expected, with great effects, deep detailed backgrounds, shadows, lights, smoke and blurs that intensify the game. feature film tune to the game.

With the expansion, the franchise is diversifying and exposing the complexity of its universe, while fleshing out its characters, just like George Lucas did with “Star Wars” 40 years ago. With the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions, the content can be purchased for R$130 as a single item, or in a bundle of R$270, along with the original game (required to run).

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