God of War manages to insert a dramatic plot to escape the cliché

by Nathan Dutil

Exclusive to PS4, God of War takes the franchise to the next level

Marcelo “Jabulas” (@MarceloIRamos) | GameCoin Newsroom – Much has been said about God of War. The new production from Santa Monica Studios arrived on April 20, full of huge expectations. The first posts and almost swaggering comments even sounded like a rehearsal speech had been distributed by Sony. But the truth is that the game is exceptional. And the ratings given are not a mere submission to the manufacturer or its producers. The five year wait was worth it.

God of War is a franchise that needed an overhaul. The Hack & Slash genre had been on the decline since the turn of the generation and many franchises were left behind, stuck on the PS3 and Xbox 360. So the game needed to gain more content and elements that essentially beat the enemies that arose. the screen.

The game transports the god of war away from the columns of Pathernon. Kratos, after rebelling against the gods of Olympus, went into exile in the northern lands, in what was to become Scandinavia. He started a new family, was again a father and a widower.


The plot unfolds in a fairly simple mission. Kratos and Atreus (his son) must carry the matriarch’s ashes to the top of the mountain. It turns out that a guy who brought down Olympus isn’t the kind of person who finds peace of mind by taking refuge in the woods. Kratos has new enemies, his presence annoys the Nordic deities. But Kratos’ main challenge is to prepare his son to be a worthy warrior.

This closed-frame plot stands out against the other games in the series. In the franchise’s first phase, Santa Monica tapped into the richness of Greek mythology. At that time, Kratos’ dramas were small in the face of such a grand odyssey, but his personal motives were always necessary in the construction of the story and served as his motivation to face gods and titans in the service of Zeus.

Norse mythology is quite rich, but not as popular as Greek writings. After all, the world is divided between Greeks and non-Greeks. Hence the need to insert an intimate element into the plot. And the result is brilliant.


The game explores the paternal relationship in a profound way. Parents (like me) will put themselves in the bully’s shoes and wonder if they’re as stiff as him or if they should have shorter reins. This bond is very reminiscent of Joel and Ellie’s relationship in the dreaded The Last of Us.

Those who have played the other games will notice the melancholic and more human expression of Kratos, who despite his brutality and ruthless combat, is no longer the juggernaut of the old episodes. He is old, tired and knows he has little time to prepare his son.


The new God of War is coming with innovative gameplay, which added elements of modern games in which the control buttons have different functions during the game. The player no longer focuses his attacks and dodges on the quartet (Xis, Square, Triangle and Ball). The shots are made on the triggers, like a shooter. There were people who complained, but it got better.

The lack of “jump” is something strange, but the jump button performs several functions, from crossing an obstacle, as well as managing elements of the scenario and even suspending Atreus from a platform. higher form. The fight continues in a crazy fashion, with quick, low-impact hits and ones that deal heavy damage, but slower. Not to mention the new moves that can be purchased with experience points.


Kratos’ son plays a role in the plot. In addition to being the main pillar of the story, the “boy” (as his father calls him countless times, in the voice of Ricardo Juarez) participates cooperatively in the gameplay. In battle, Atreus can shoot arrows. The shots do not require a lot of energy, but they serve to distract opponents, which open the guard and give the player the opportunity to launch more precise attacks.

Atreus is also responsible for opening passages for Kratos. You have to constantly suspend the brat to free up access for Kratos.


After leaving Greece, Kratos left behind the Blades of Chaos and other weapons that made him unbeatable. In the new God of War, you need to upgrade equipment, collect inputs and money for upgrades. Gems, different metals are needed for armor upgrades and also for the Leviathan Axe, Kratos’ magical weapon, crafted by the blue dwarf Brok.


The game, although linear, allows the player to revisit places they have been before. There are many accesses and obstacles that require skill and equipment upgrades. Thus, it is possible to recover any hidden object that has been forgotten. There are even fast travel features that allow you to quickly get from one point to another.


Graphically the game is flawless. God of War offers an impressive level of detail both on the PS4, on a regular Full HD TV and on the PS4 Pro running on a 4K device with HDR function. The game allows you to adjust the graphics quality for higher performance mode and better visual quality mode. Either way, the quality is impressive.

The scenarios are beautiful, as well as the textures of the protagonists and relevant characters in the plot. The Santa Monica team, led by art director, Rafael Grassetti, pulled off the production very well.


God of War is an excellent game. A legit Hack & Slash, but with modern elements that broaden the gaming experience. shots !

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