Lost on Mars is cartoonish like a glimpse of Mars should be

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Newsroom – Forget everything you’ve read, heard or watched on Mars. This story that there is red earth, with frozen water waiting underground, is bullshit! At least that’s what the Lost on Mars expansion pack for the shooter Far Cry 5 Vietnam claims. In this adventure, the player is kidnapped and ends up on the red planet.

In the game, the player assumes the role of an American redneck. One evening, on his way home, he receives a call from an acquaintance and suddenly his truck is hit by a strong light. Each scene is recorded in cartoon footage, following the same aesthetic scheme as Hours of Darkness.

In a space installation, the player begins to get used to the game. The protagonist is reunited with his friend, who had his body dismembered, but his head still works. He presents the hero with some kind of artificial intelligence that informs him that the world will be destroyed by an alien horde.

Red earth

Armed with a laser gun, the player begins his adventure through the red landscapes of Mars. In the game, the gravity of the planet is weaker than that of Earth, but it does not tolerate large falls. For this, the player must use a belt with rockets to reach heights and also to cushion falls. Cartooned, the adventure is peppered with jokes and curses uttered by the broken friend, whose consciousness is transferred to a small floating robot.

out of orbit

An interesting point of the game is that the spatial environment, lower gravity and gigantic creatures create an experience that goes far beyond the original game and the first additional content, which basically repeated the same gameplay pattern.

The game map is large, not as large as the original “Far Cry 5” campaign, but there are complications with walking around Mars. The player should not walk on soft sand, as there are creatures lurking underground in ambush. The secret is to get the rocks.


Lost on Mars is content that can extend the playtime of those who have Far Cry 5 installed. Cry 3: Blood Dragon. For those who have purchased the more expensive versions of Far Cry 5, the content is free, but it can be purchased for R$ 30. But if the player has to choose between this and Hours of Darkness, the Vietnamese adventure is much more interesting.

Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Style: FPSEStudio: UbisoftDistributor: UbisoftOnline Mode: YesLanguage: English audio, subtitles and menusAvailable: PS3, PS4, PC, X360, XONE and WII Average price: R$30

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