Madden NFL 20: The “kibe” is in its 100th season

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas – It started! The football league season has finally started. The first round began Thursday (5), with the Green Bay Packers beating the Chicago Bears 10-3 at Soldier Field in Chicago. And with Oval Ball throws, we tested Madden NFL 20, which brings improvements to Ultimate modes as well as the single-player campaign and X-Factor system. These are changes that should influence games with FIFA, NHL and NBA Live. Like NFL broadcasts, M20 is fireworks. All the dynamism of the transmissions is reproduced in the game, which makes the game very immersive.

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The Ultimate mode does not differ from what exists in FIFA: the player must acquire cards from athletes, carry out transactions and form his own team to participate in network championships.

Block “Me alone”

Personally, I’ve always liked the way EA works with career modes. Games like NASCAR 08, in which the player has a racing career, to Fight Night 3, in which it was possible to live the hard life of a boxer, it is very cool to play with the daily life of the trainer . In my case, Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. It’s fun to divide the games with the weekly tasks, like answering the press, scheduling practices and negotiating athletes.

In the field

But since what really matters is the kibbeh flying towards the End Zone, the game is very balanced. The gameplay allows for tweaks to arcade and simulation modes, which changes the physics settings, as well as the players’ artificial intelligence. To start, go to the arcade, then go to the simulation. And when you’re really confident, go play online.

reading game

Unlike FIFA, where time does not stop and where the player can easily find his bearings, in American football, each game has its beginning and end and each athlete has a role. Often the player gets lost.

And a positive is that the game has become easier to read. Whether in drive (when your offensive team is on the field) or with the defensive team. The reading and what you have to do is very clear, as is changing players, which does not leave the player lost on the field.

The move schedule follows the same logic as it always has, since the days of Joe Montana Football, on the Mega Drive. Decide your shot in the playbook and wait for the ball to come out.

X factor

The X-Factor feature isn’t new to Madden, but it has been improved in this edition. It’s those moments of genius that great players have on the pitch. The system is available for the best athletes of each team. In each game, you need to complete certain tasks to activate the feature, which temporarily boosts a player’s performance.

After all, we all get to see Aaron Rodgers’ digital star in our own Miracle of Detroit, at least once in-game. Madden NFL 20 has versions for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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