Mega Man 11 is stimulating and modern, without giving up identity

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Newsroom – The 8-bit generation created such memorable heroes as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Billy and Jimmy Lee, Alex Kidd, among many others. But few are as charismatic and cruel at the same time as Mega Man. Capcom’s robot boy is the protagonist of one of the most popular and also the most difficult old school game series. Now he is back in Mega Man 11, which comes with beautiful graphics, new features, but without giving up the high level of difficulty. It’s a similar strategy to what Sega did recently with Sonic, despite the porcupine being more present in the player’s storyline.

The Mega Man saga is built on a clash between scientists Dr. Willy and Dr. Lumière. The former wants to dominate the world with his horde of evil robots, while the latter wants to save humanity with the help of the little blue robot, who carries the Mega Buster cannon strapped to his arm.


One of the strengths of the franchise has always been the high level of difficulty. To give you an idea, the first Mega Man, released in 1987, had no end-of-life continuation option. In other words, we had to start all over again. It also didn’t offer the Password feature (introduced in later games), which was a system of codes generated at the end of each stage so the player could continue the campaign later.

Visually the game is very cute, high definition graphics and shadow and light effects that improve the finish. The protagonist, on the other hand, was crafted with a level of detail true to the series’ art, artwork, and animation, quite different from when it debuted.


In Mega Man 11, the gameplay continues as it did 30 years ago, maintaining the standard of 2D vision, but with dynamic backgrounds that lend an air of sophistication to the production.

Basically, the player has to run, jump and shoot, like in other games in the series. But it’s not as simple as reading might seem. There are dozens of enemies that appear on screen, each with a type of attack. So, knowing the right timing of jumps, dodges, and shots is key to reaching the level boss without taking too much damage.

power equipment

One of the new features in the game is the Power Gear feature. It is a two-speed bar that can be used to give the gun more speed or firepower. These resources are recharged during the game, as well as the energy bar of the different costumes that the protagonist recovers when defeating level bosses.


And speaking of bosses, the game has some titanic enemies that are hard to kill. As usual in the series, the player has the freedom to choose which villain they will face. The thing is that for every villain there is a weapon (from another villain) that makes the job of the player easier.

Hence the secret is which boss is easier to kill like Mega Buster and which villain your special weapon has the best effect.


Mega Man 11 is a romantic game, designed for those who spent many childhood days trying to defeat Wily’s horde on NES or Super Nintendo. Despite its innocent look, it’s a complex game. Full of pranks, traps and seemingly harmless enemies that drain the player’s powers and steal lives. Playing Mega Man 11 is a delight, but it takes dedication.

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