Rage 2 is a mix of Borderlands and Mad Max

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas – The vast majority of games that depict the future illustrate it with a grotesque photograph. Usually the thing stinks because of the man himself, an epidemic or even an alien invasion. But in Rage, the big bad is 99942 Apophis. It’s not a monster or a virus, but a rock 370 meters in diameter that has been bothering (real) scientists since 2004. In real life, Apophis could fall on our heads on April 13, 2029. Then the trajectory has been recalculated and the shock postponed to 2036 and revised to 2068. There is currently no indication that he will visit us. But that’s not why astronomers neglect it.

In the game, the asteroid fell on the first date and took with it almost everything that lived here. In the 2011 title, the player played a survivor, who froze and woke up about 100 years after the collision.

Now, in Rage 2, the player embodies Walker, one of the last descendants of those born before the cataclysm. The protagonist can be male or female, with no changes to the campaign. The player chooses the genre he likes the most.

Walker is the last ranger, who has withstood the onslaught of the Authority, a military faction that has imposed its tyranny on this brave new world. The player must start a journey to neutralize the group and also deal with wild tribes and gangs.

The game

Produced by id Software, Rage 2 follows the tenets of the studio that defined the First Person Shooter genre. It mixes the FPS with the Action RPG genre, the same way Ubsoft does with the Far Cry franchise.

Although it requires exploration, dialogue between characters, completing tasks, finding clues, solving puzzles, and a host of side missions, the game features fast-paced and overly violent combat sequences. It’s an intensity and brutality typical of identity games like Doom and Quake.


Rage 2 is a well-designed game, with deteriorating storylines. The characters are disturbing, grotesque looking and spotless manners. In an ode to Mad Max, it’s a game that seeks to shock with its aggressiveness, which is reflected in the dialogues.


In the first Rage, the player must pilot vehicles to get from one city to another. But it was a limited experience. In Rage 2, the player can unlock multiple vehicles, as well as steal those that roam the roads. Moreover, the game also allows the player to do whatever they want with the huge map of the game.

The problem is that there are always enemies across the barren landscape, as well as Authority ships patrolling the desert and not asking before bombing your car.

It’s these encounters that spice up the game. Many times the player is interrupted in a (relatively easy) mission to deal with the mutants, maniacs and other threats that cross his path, culminating in sadistic carnage.

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