Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo – Half an hour of nostalgia and sadism

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Newsroom – The Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo is a 30-minute experience of Resident Evil 2, which debuts January 25. In this short period of gameplay, the player takes control of Leon Kennedy who has just arrived at the Raccoon City police station.

You only have half an hour to explore inside the police station. The short time frame makes meaningful progression impossible, but it allows the player to get familiar with the game dynamics, controls and gameplay nuances, which inherited elements from Resident Evil 7.

First off, what can be said is that the curated is fairly faithful to the build of the original 1998 game. corridors which, in the original game, introduced the player. to the monster with a big mouth and an exposed brain.

The inventory system follows the pattern of Resident Evil 7, as do the grotesque images that appear on screen. Since this is a game for those not shaken by blood or guts, the producers took great care of the damage from Leon’s attacks. Depending on where the shot lands, the damage is different. However, it should be remembered that zombie bites also generate disgusting scabs in the player.


Within half an hour Kennedy can be armed with a pistol, knife and shotgun. In addition, he finds instructions for making ammunition. Chips are important items and should be used with caution. Zombies die from headshots, but take at least three hits to take them down.

Melee weapons are always a solution when ammo runs out. To annoy the player, Capcom decided to put a durability bar on the knives. That is to say that after a few blows they are damaged, as if no one had ever heard of the wonderful Guinsu knives, the only ones capable of cutting Vivarina socks!

But the main focus of the demo is that after completing the 30 minutes of gameplay, you are prompted to purchase the game. There is no free lunch.


Capcom has specialized in releasing re-releases of its older games, as it did with Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero, and RE Revelations editions on their GameCube versions. But we must recognize that Resident Evil 2 is not just a redesign of the 1998 game. It is a new game, which respects the plot and the structure of the original game, but offers new gameplay and content. .

Now is the time to wait for the 25th and go wild!

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