Resident Evil 2 – I got angry (again)!

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Newsroom – Talking about the Resident Evil 2 Remake is such a personal experience, sometimes it’s necessary to write in the first person. The re-release of the inaugural Resident Evil chapter, along with Episode Zero and Revelations, essentially tweaked the old games to achieve high-definition visuals. However, with Resident Evil 2 the treatment was different.

The producers remade the entire game, with an incredible level of detail and fidelity to the original plot. However, the designers applied structural changes to ensure that even those who had played the 1998 game could be caught off guard. And I can assure you that even after 20 years, it’s a game to be played in diapers.

After testing the “1-Shot Demo”, the anxiety of getting back to “Resident 2” became an obsession. The demo puts the player inside the Raccoon City police station, as Leon Kennedy.

It’s a 30-minute experience, very faithful to the final game, but with a few small modifications to give dynamism to the game. After half an hour, he wanted to play again. But the game is stuck.

the original

Hence the way was to load the original title, from the first PlayStation, which is still available for PS3. The idea of ​​playing the 1998 edition was a way to be able to compare the work of the new production when it became available.

However, it was also a way to remember the game, try to remember certain paths, mark points where weird monsters appear and everything else to make the new mission easier. An error, although the structure is the same, everything changes in the new game.

The dependencies are totally different, as is the inclusion of vital game elements. This disgusting monster that was waiting in a room or hallway will attack in a completely unexpected place. And that makes the game so intense and desperate.

Even the game’s introduction is a bit different, all to give a fresh perspective to those venturing for the second time. For beginners, it’s quite a journey.


In addition to being a Surival Horror, with scenes of action and suspense, Resident Evil 2 is an intense exploration game. Its structure follows the logic of Metroidvania. You don’t know what that means? Let’s explain. The term comes from the junction of the names Metroid and Castlevania, an 8-Bit generation series, in which the player must open rooms to advance in the plot.

And it is often necessary to return to places already visited to combine elements. In RE2, you have to go through the scenarios several times to find and combine items such as keys, cards, fuses, cranks and whatever is needed to open the accesses.

scare and scream

One of Resident Evil 2’s most popular creatures is the Licker, that loud-mouthed beast with its exposed brain. It appears right from the start of the game’s campaign in 1998. Anyone who has played the title in the past knows exactly where it first appears and its destructive potential.

In the new game, he makes his terrifying entry into another outbuilding in the police station and with the same high level of difficulty to liquidate him. Other “corpses” also preach fear. One certainty: no one is ever completely dead in this game.

But even worse, his colleague MX He is one of the many versions of Tyrant, the main villain of the game, and at some point he appears in the campaign.

If the scarce ammo, dark scenarios, barricade-smashing zombies weren’t enough, the monster roams the game. this guy.


In other words, Resident Evil 2 is a trip back in time, capable of leaving me as terrified as I was in 1998. Only this time with a high level of detail and sadism!

Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, from R$250.

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