Resident Evil 3 – Remake is fast and objective than the previous one

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas – The Resident Evil franchise has become Capcom’s main product. In the producer’s list of top 10 best-selling games, Monster Hunter World leads with 14.9 million copies sold as of December 2019. However, in the remaining nine positions, the zombie series Raccoon City occupies five and totals 32. .8 million copies sold. To give you an idea, only the Super Nintendo edition of Street Fighter 2 is in the Top 10, with 6.3 million copies. The rest of the company’s official slate follows with three episodes of Monster Hunter, which total nearly 15 million more units.

All of this goes to show why Capcom is investing so much in Resident Evil re-releases and remakes. The series that arrived in 1996 borrowed elements from games like Phantasmagoria, Alone in the Dark and Sweet Home to start a cult of zombies, who until then had been considered silly side characters in horror productions.

And Resident Evil 3 is coming as a new remake of the series. The game puts the drama of Jill Valentine against the terrible Nemesis in high definition. It is a biological weapon that was launched in Raccoon City to eliminate witnesses who had contact with the secret laboratory of Umbrella (in the first game), in which the policewoman was part of the team.

The game takes place hours before the events of Resident Evil 2. In addition, it is possible to walk through the same scenarios of the previous game and to understand much of what is seen in RE2 and to cross paths with characters, some moments before Claire and Léon’s adventure. It’s a nice balcony. Anyone who hasn’t played the previous episode should play it because, while not fundamental to understanding, the stories complement each other.

Visuals and gameplay

Visually, the game has the same visual quality standard as its predecessor. It was also developed with the RE Engine, the same tool used in the Resident Evil 7 epic. The gameplay is also very similar, with the same menu and command patterns.

However, RE3 is faster than Resident 2. Tasks are more obvious, as are clues to open locks and safes. On Metacritic (a site that indexes game reviews), the gamer rating was 6.3, in the PS4 edition (the same one we tested). In reviews of trade publications, the rating was 80.

Part of the complaints is that the game is too short, compared to the original game, released in 1999. Somehow things happen more frantically. However, it’s worth remembering that the original game had faster-paced mechanics and an absurd visual limitation. Finding objects is not as easy as it is today. And his commands were much slower. All of this interferes with the flow of the story.

But the thing is, the game is happening at a more thrilling frequency. One of the reasons is the fact that the villainous Nemesis is a relentless pursuer and capable of inducing mutations in zombies. So don’t be stupid. Everything must be resolved quickly.


In the game, the player also controls the character Carlos. He is an Umbrella mercenary who was sent to rescue a scientist capable of producing a cure for the virus, which causes the mutations. The character has a big role in the state in which Leon will find the Raccoon City police station, in RE2.

Carlos enters the plot armed with a gun and plenty of ammunition. This encourages any player to venture down dark hallways as if they were Chuck Norris. A very different condition than you have with Leon and Claire, in the previous game, in which they start with a gun and small ammo. Carlos’ machine gun is effective and allows you to move quickly and not fear threats like the grotesque Lickers.

Indeed, the supply of guns and ammunition is plentiful in the game. Jill herself quickly evolves from pistol to shotgun. Also, weapon upgrades are much easier to obtain, which makes the game more dynamic. But it should be remembered that zombies are more stubborn and require a lot of ammunition.

sharp knife

To get an idea of ​​the most dynamic proposal of the game, the knives of Jill and Carlos do not deteriorate with use, unlike the previous game. So, worst-case scenario, you tie a blindfold and climb towards the monsters with the knife in your teeth and the certainty that it won’t lose its edge.

last word

Resident Evil 3 is an excellent game. Although more accelerated than the previous game, as well as the original, it is intense. The constant presence of Nemesis is a factor that increases the tension of the game. It partly penalizes the exploration and contemplation of the landscape. However, it injects cinematic drama into the plot.

Resident Evil 3 has versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with prices starting at R$250.

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