Review – Battle of Polytopia Saves Age of Empires Style

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – Isometric turn-based strategy games hit their peak in the late 1980s, the so-called TBS (Turn Based Strategy). Franchises such as “Populous”, “Civilization”, “Colonization” and “Age of Empires” were characteristic games for computers because they exploited the ease of movement of the mouse.

Today, Real Time Strategy (RTS) games dominate much of the e-Sports scene, such as “League of Legends” and “Dota”. But “Battle of Polytopia” saves the beginnings of strategy games, in which the moves were in turn, like in a game of chess.

The game produced by Midjiwan AB was first released on iOS and won the PC and Mac edition in the second half of 2020. In the game, the player chooses a tribe and begins their territorial and technological expansion, following the molds of ” Age of Empires ”and“ Civilization ”.

The game fell in public favor after billionaire Elon Musk, owner of Tesla Motors and Space X, said in a podcast that the game was his favorite title at the time. The reaction was immediate, generating 13 million copies sold, according to the producer’s statement on February 19.

The game

“Battle of Polytopia” is a cute game. Since it was designed for mobile devices, it has minimalist graphics, but looks good on computer screens. As already said, the game gives the player the possibility to choose different tribes. Each has its own particularities.

The studio even released new tribes sold as DLC, in February the game received the Cymanti tribe. It is a forest tribe, endowed with mystical powers, capable of taming large insects.

In practice, the tribes do the same things. They attack, develop agricultural, fishing, navigation, mining skills and improve their military skills.

The game offers different play modes. There are games for certain rounds, where you have to get the highest score in 30 rounds, there is a free mode, where the game is endless and there is also the option of domination.

The player can play the game with the computer and also against other players, which makes the game more difficult. In networking, the player must be precise in each movement of his controls.

last word

Priced at R $ 29 and around R $ 6 for each additional tribe, “Battle of Polytopia” is a game that can be a good option for chilling out. It doesn’t require powerful machines and runs on virtually any computer capable of running the Steam app.

If you don’t have a PC available, you can also play games on Android and iOS smartphones. In this case, the prices drop to around R $ 7.

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