Review – Far Cry 5 is more controversial in advertising than in gameplay

by Nathan Dutil

Far Cry 5 has great graphics and an interesting story, but constant action overwhelms the plot

Marcelo Jabulas (@MarceloIRamos) | GameCoin Newsroom – The story of a rural region of the United States dominated by fanatics of a religious sect will always be a controversial subject. After all, atrocities committed in the name of faith are not uncommon. It was the theme of Far Cry 5, a game released at the end of March. The title debuted with the obligation to innovate the franchise which was already showing signs of wear and tear, even after the creative Far Cry Primal, who was looking for a new setting for the series.

The new Far Cry has retained its gameplay essence unchanged. It is an open-world first-person shooter with an extensive main mission and countless side tasks. Until then, everything is the same as the other titles. What changes is the structure of the game, divided into zones. These are areas controlled by intermediate bosses.

But who are these bosses and who do they work for? The Far Cry 5 controversy is here. The game takes place inside the United States, in a mountainous corner of the state of Montana. It is a territory dominated by a religious sect, the Garden of Eden, whose leader is the fanatic Joseph Seed. He and his family preach their faith on the basis of violence.

The topic raised high expectations as to how it would be handled, since it was about religious extremism and a plethora of guns, precisely at a time when the ease of buying guns is questioned in the United States. The sermons are there, as well as the animations and macabre scenes that justify the plot, but the speech ends up getting lost in the action that takes precedence over the realization.

frantic play

In the game, the player assumes the role of a rookie policeman who is part of a stagecoach to arrest Seed and his leaders. But the plan fails. The player must save himself and his colleagues, taken hostage. For this, it is necessary to dismantle the structure of the Garden of Eden. The game offers countless missions within the main campaign, in addition to parallel tasks and challenges, of the most varied, such as racing cars and planes, among other tests that bring improvements to the player.


An interesting thing is the Arcade mode. It’s a video game within the game. Arcades are literally arcade machines scattered around the map that open up very weird multiplayer missions. There are several modalities, including the right to online hanking. In these challenges, players can test their skills together.


The player starts the campaign as a rookie with little respect in his team. However, it is this remaining zero that will save the Hope County community. As missions and achievements progress, the player receives points which can be exchanged for skills. Searching for magazines on the map (like in the Fallout series) grants you more points.

The player can also change clothes. There is a wide variety of clothes. It’s a bit paradoxical to offer so many costumes in a first person game. After all, you only see the hands and the cuffs of the pants. Clothes idea is for Arcade mode online matches.


The game features a host of computer-controlled characters (NPCs) that can work alongside the player. Finding these combat partners is not difficult. Most of them are victims of cult members. And once saved, they offer to fight for the cause. The player can recruit up to three soldiers. Each has special combat and survival skills. Additionally, there are more skillful NPCs, like former Champions of Strategy Games (RTS). In total, they are nine, they are divided between a pilot, snipers, a dog. There’s even a trained bear that will pounce on enemies.

graphics and physics

Graphically, the title offers very well-designed scenarios, lighting effects that simulate the behavior of the eyes in low and high light environments. The textures are very realistic, even on consoles without 4K support, such as the standard versions of PS4 and Xbox One. But there are effects that seem to have been done in a hurry, like the fireworks. There’s even a YouTube video that bought FC5 with Far Cry 2. And the veteran proves superior.

The physics, on the other hand, suffer from small details, such as not letting shots pass through sidings, some floating weapons or shaking corpses. But these are bugs that we tend to overlook and that don’t detract from production.

Snappers and trebuchets

Weapon supply is good, but availability depends on campaign progress. Nothing different from other games in the franchise. The player can carry four weapons simultaneously. A melee weapon, and a light firearm and two others of any size. The secret is to combine weapons that use different ammunition to have greater firepower.

Far Cry 5 seeks to expand the possibilities of the game as much as possible and includes the piloting of a variety of vehicles. These are vans, jeeps, passenger cars, quads, speedboats, trucks, helicopters and airplanes. The handling is simple, including by plane. These devices allow the player to travel long distances with speed, as well as use them in attacks with greater destructive power and access points where the ground path is more dangerous.


Far Cry 5 is a competent game as a frenetic shooter. The player cannot complain about the boredom, as there are always enemies sprouting in the storyline. It is quite different from FC3 and FC4, in which cleared areas have become less risky. What weighs in the game is that the story ends up being sprayed precisely in the volume of shots. Whether a game with such a large map will receive new content, like with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, remains to be seen.

Even so, it’s a game worth including in any collection, even those unfamiliar with open-world shooters.

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