Review – Gravel arrives to make dust in WRC and DiRT

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas (@MarceloIRamos) | GameCoin Newsroom – Milan-based studio Milestone has been exclusively dedicated to producing racing games for over 20 years, mainly in the motorcycle and rally categories. After four editions of the “WRC” and “Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo” franchises, the studio has just released Gravel, with editions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Gravel, which in English means gravel, is a common term in the world of rallying, such as the type of terrain and tire specifications for driving on dirt. Unlike the WRC, which follows the World Rally calendar, with speed tests, or Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo, which goes through various off-road modalities, in the same way as DiRT, the new production of the Italian studio is betting its chips on rallycross, with a field made up of several cars racing on the circuit.

The game offers a large list of cars of the most varied rally modalities, so it is possible to race with cars that participate in championships such as Baja, Dakar Rally, as well as WRC cars of different generations.

Gravel also offers good graphics. They’re not photorealistic like those in Gran Turismo Sport, but they don’t look bad.

It is also possible to set the weather and time conditions. The features are very simple and the game does not have dynamic weather conditions like Forza Motorsport 7 or Project CARS 2. Even so, the player can race in clear, rainy and snowy weather, as well as participate in races during the day or at dusk.


The gameplay meanwhile does not seek the physical realism of rally simulators. On the contrary, the game offers a stimulating experience both for those who are accustomed to more complex games, but also proves to be docile for players who have never gone beyond an arcade like Sega Rally.

To balance the game, the player can adjust various driving assistance settings. He can also configure the damage system, which can be simply “cosmetic” or have an actual impact on the functioning of the car.

Gravel is a fun game, a good option for those who love motorsport and play matches online. The PS4 and Xbox One editions have a suggested price of R$230, while the PC edition costs R$90.

GameCoin Minichip: Gravel

Style: RacingStudio: MilestoneDistributor: Milestone/Square EnixOnline mode: SimLanguage: Portuguese subtitles and menusAvailable: PS4, PC and XONEAverage price: R$230 (consoles) and R$90 (PC)

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Proposal: 3Graphics: 3Gameplay: 3Challenge: 4Cost/Benefit: 3TOTAL: 3 Coins

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