Review: Hospital Drinks in Two Points at the Ancient Simulator Fountain

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – In the late 1980s, Maxis created a game that opened up new avenues for the gaming industry. “Sim City” places the player in the status of mayor. It didn’t take long for the city simulator to win in competition. In the following ones emerged building management simulators, as well as anthills and even entire planets. “Two Point Hospital” is another game that taps into this fountain.

The spiritual successor of the former “Theme Hospital” (which drank from the “Sim City” fountain in 1997), the game hit the market in 2018 and now receives the “A Stitch in Time” expansion. In Brazil, it is called “Uma Sewing in Time”, very faithful to the original name. It is content in which the head of the health unit can open a hospital in different periods of human history, including the future.

To do this, you have to buy the Ontenizador device, which allows you to travel through time. Thus, the player also has a collection of new devices and facilities for hospitals. The game also introduces new diseases to the game’s “medical literature”.

With the versions for PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, their prices range from R $ 88 to R $ 200, depending on the platform. On Steam, the DLC costs only R $ 18. And a word of advice, the best way to play games that simulate management is on computers. There is no analog control to replace the mouse.


“Two Point Hospital” has the traditional isometric view, in which the player sees it as if it were a board. The graphic style is cartoonish and sympathetic, it offers a level of detail that you notice when zooming. On the other hand, the game does not seek visual realism and also in the history of the game.

And there is a reason for that. In the game, illnesses are fanciful, like a syndrome in which the patient comes in with a blister in his head. He must go through a device that exchanges it for a human head. All this gives lightness to the game.

There is no courage or attempt to “teach” the player to be a doctor, as many shooting and running games end up inadvertently doing. and in the expansion, it all becomes even more ridiculous with the medieval and futuristic bicheiras, which require very particular techniques

The game

With or without DLC, “Two Point Hospital” is one of those games that ruins your schedule. It starts without pretension. The player begins his journey by building the first facilities. Reception, office, examination room, infirmary, toilets, rest room, are some of the facilities.

Then, it is a question of equipping the facilities, with soda and snacks dispensers, garbage cans, hand dryers and everything the friend saw when he went to the doctor.

The player must also hire professionals. Doctors, nurses, receptionists, janitors. That is to say, labor for the various activities of the health unit. And one detail, less qualified professionals cost less, but offer poor service and have an impact on the promotion of “word of mouth”.

Turns out the game won’t let you stop. The volume of patients is growing exponentially. And with them new diseases appear. Those who ask for new investments.

Every moment a new disease emerges and measures are taken to mitigate the damage. When the player is scary, the day is over.

last word

“Two Point Hospital” is an interesting game, ideal for relaxing. The player literally gets lost in the corridors of his hospital. Despite its playful and cartoonish form, the game presents challenges for the healthcare system. But in the game, everything is settled in a few clicks. Here one has to face all the luck and challenges such as corruption, denial, fake news, homemade recipes and early treatment.

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