Review – The Sims 4: Snow Fun

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – 20 years ago I played Sims for the first and last time, until last month. I remember when the “life simulator” came to PC in 2000. At the time, it was a hugely innovative game. It didn’t take long for a copy to appear on the desk of the IT manager in the office where I worked. It was the lunchtime vibe.

Now, after two decades, I’m back with the game, which is in its fourth installment, released in 2014, but gaining in survival with the launch of theme packs. And it’s Fun in the Snow that I played for the first time on console.


However, what caught my attention was the absence of the mouse. Controlling the camera’s arrow and angle on analog sticks (we tested it on PS4) takes a bit of practice. But soon the thing is resolved.

It turns out that the menu has different paths. In addition to character control, in simulation mode there is also the build menu as well as the acquisition of goods. And sometimes moving furniture can take a long time.

Ice Age

To run the additional content, it was necessary to acclimatize to the original game. Learn again how to build your character, your home, your relationships, and your career. Then it was time to discover Fun in the Snow. It’s amazing how The Sims manages to get a taste of reality. The extension works like a vacation trip. In this one, the player has to concentrate to get the most out of the attractions on the map.

And like every vacation trip, there are some cool moments and some not. For example, your Sim will enjoy making snowmen, fighting snowballs, skiing, sledding, among other games. But he will also have to fend for himself in public toilets and eat food from vending machines. And while all of this is happening, just like in real life, your balance is flowing in your eyes.

In The Sims 4, just like the Fun in the Snow expansion, you usually have to perform various daily activities. However, the expansion adds different icy challenges such as skiing, snowboarding, making snowmen or little angels opening and closing legs and arms on the ground, and other sub zero activities.

However, the pack, like the previous expansions, allows the player to buy or build a house on this snowy map as well. It is possible, to make new friends, to raise a family in this eternal winter. But for that, he must have already prospered in his birth chart.


The logic of the game from 2000 to the current version is the same. The player must live the life of his character. Eat, sleep, shower, use the bathroom, wash your hands, work, watch TV, play video games, play sports, hang out with someone and whatever a homo sapiens does.

That is, every day he does everything the same and wakes up at six in the morning. Don’t be surprised, after all Chico told us almost 50 years ago. People who pretend to be misunderstood.

But an interesting point is that the game has evolved based on the behavior of the character. When creating a Sim, it is necessary to go through a brief psycho-technique. Games like Fallout: New Vegas and even the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduce this kind of element as well.

Psychological attributes are therefore added. So don’t be surprised if your character is used to telling jokes on the wall. And even less if he panics from time to time. Who has never?


But it is not possible to live on snowballs. As your Sim walks through the Ice Card, they’ll also need to eat, drink, and go “home.” And if the player has no shelter, the character’s mood can get out of hand.

The game also features challenges like climbing, which can be fatal. He may collapse or lose his strength. It’s finish. It’s a very similar simulation when an inexperienced guy decides to play adventurer in real life.

By the way, death is a constant risk in the game. Although The Sims 4 is not a violent game, your Sim can die in several ways. A poorly executed culinary adventure could result in a fire and your Sim having a barbecue.

last word

After such a long time, playing “The Sims” again was an interesting experience. Gambling is not as fun as it was 20 years ago. Perhaps this is because other modern RPG or Open World games have added elements of survival to the franchise.

Again, the Sim’s basic needs routine ends up making the game melancholy, especially if your Sim isn’t the most social of your virtual world. Waking up, eating, washing, working, become almost robotic routines. And if your friend notices a resemblance to your own life, fear not, after all this little doll is sort of repeating what we do every day.

On the other hand, the “Fun in the Snow” expansion removes certain obligations from the Sim, as if they were on vacation. However, it’s worth securing a corner, as your character won’t just eat food from vending machines, which don’t always deliver the order or go down well in the stomach. And he will always be disgusted at having to relieve himself in a public toilet.

Kind of like a real vacation trip.

With versions for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, with prices between R $ 159 and R $ 200, in addition to the original game, which costs R $ 160.

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