Review – We played Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 1

by Nathan Dutil

Fast, frenzied and violent, the Doom Eternal DLC requires player agility to face endless hordes of hell.

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – I’ve written many times about the importance of Doom in the gaming industry. It wasn’t the pioneer of first person shooters, but it was the game that paved the way for shooters. Doom Eternal debuted in March of this year. Basically, he told the story of Doom II: Hell on Earth, in which demonic hordes devastated Earth. Now comes the first episode of The Ancient Gods, a Stand Alone format expansion, which arrived on October 20. In other words, it doesn’t depend on the original game and it doesn’t even need to be finished to make it available.

However, this DLC is a continuation of the story. But rest assured, it doesn’t reveal the details of Eternal History. What is clear and notorious is that Doom Slayer (the hipster name of good ol ‘Doom Guy) managed to send the champions in their place. For those who have never played any title in the franchise, it comes across as a frantic shooter, with a high degree of difficulty.

The content debuts for PC, PS4, Xbox One for R $ 72. However, it is free for those who have purchased the Deluxe version of Eternal. The DLC and the original game will both work on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The plot begins on a sea platform, as the demons find a way to resume their invasion. The player must take on an ancestral entity to help them eliminate the threat of the creatures from hell for good. But we all know it’s temporary. After all, there is still the second part of The Ancient Gods, which will arrive in the not too distant future.


The gameplay of The Ancient Gods – Part One is no different from the original campaign. The big difference is that the player starts the battle with the full weapon wheel. In other words, shotgun, double barreled shotgun, rifle, rotary machine gun, plasma rifle, cannon, crossbow and rocket launcher. All with the improvements that were released in the original game.

But don’t think that this makes it easier. If in the Eternal campaign the variety of enemies appears gradually, in the expansion, from the first moments of the game, there is a complete “menu” with gigantic aberrations, which force the player to be quick in the choice of weapons.

However, there is no point in having a strong arsenal if you run out of ammo. Like I said, Doom is a fast paced game, with countless enemies simultaneously. Holding the trigger down is almost instinctive, especially since a variety of monsters present themselves before your eyes. Some are eliminated all at once, but most require you to unload everything.

Old school

One really cool thing that id and Bethesda kept was the style of play inspired by the original game. Health points, armor, power capsules are some of the advantages that the player finds along the way. However, these are fleeting benefits, as the hail of lightning, acids, fireballs, and shots is continuous.

But every fallen enemy counts. Since the restart of 2016, every time an enemy is eliminated, the player recovers some of their inputs. A nice detail for those who have never played is to take advantage of the glorious submissions. When you hit the opponent, he is knocked out. At this point, it helps to press the melee control to apply a slashing blow to finish off the enemy. This type of kill grants more collectibles like armor, health, and ammo.

However, the frosting is optional with a limited life. That’s right, the same as games on 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. Are lives over? End of the game. In addition to Doom, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time also has this modality which makes the game even more difficult.


Graphically, the game maintains the same aesthetic as Eternal and the 2016 title. Huge and grotesque enemies, open storylines with well-designed backgrounds. The desolate landscape is part of the whole story. The effects are very well crafted and even stand out on the veteran PS4 (Fat).

The feast of atrocities continues even more refined. It’s guts and blood sprawling across the screen. But these are things that are part of the Doom universe. The first episode, from 1993, was banned in Brazil. But the veto was a broken sieve that only increased interest in the game, which was made available en masse as pirated copies, even on floppy disks.

New clothes

Once again, the player can customize “Doom Slayer”, with the current costume, as well as the original armor, from the game of 1993, as well as the Mayka Slayer. The coolest part is that this personalized style is not limited to how the player is seen in multiplayer matches, but also in the animations inserted into the plot.


Once again, Doom appears onscreen to show that a game from the 90s manages to modernize and retain its essence.

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