RiftStar Raiders: Asteroids of the current generation of consoles

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas (@MarceloIRamos) | GameCoin – Spaceship games had their heyday in the 1980s, since the emergence of asteroids in 1979, spaceship games have evolved with productions such as Galaga, Laser Gates, Gradius, R-Type, Truxton, Astro Warrior, Darius, Star Fox and many more. Then these games disappeared from the map, largely due to the popularization of platform games, later titles with 3D graphics, FPS, RTS, etc. RiftStar Raiders, which arrived in early February on PS4 and in the sequel for PC and Xbox One, seeks to salvage this old-school “navigation game.”

The mission is to save humanity from an alien force (just like in any game of the genre). With a Top Down view, the beginning of the game is practically a tribute to the classic Atari 2600 asteroids, with acceleration in inertia (in which the ship seems to glide through the scenario) and several asteroids to destroy with the guns of the game nave.O has nine missions, which may seem few, but each of them is huge and with progressive difficulty, which makes the game challenging.


Graphically RiftStar Raiders pleases. The folks at Climax Studios have done a great job on both the foreground elements, as well as the backgrounds with right to nebulae, planets, and other celestial bodies. The ships are also well designed, the game allows up to four simultaneous players and everyone has their own vehicle with their own design.


As already mentioned, the movement of the ship resembles that of the classic Atari. The player must use both analog sticks to control the device. The left lever allows for more powerful targeting. The right lever works like the auxiliary rockets of a classic spacecraft and allows you to perform more delicate maneuvers, to position the guns correctly in front of the targets or to cross a minefield.

The ship has two types of initial shots, a centered long-range shot and a longer-range shot (like a shotgun) but close range. The player should be aware of continuous firing as the cannon can overload and the player will not be able to fire for a few seconds.

Another heal is with the energy bar and also with the shield. During the game, enemies release energy points, shields and also credits which can be used for upgrades.


RiftStar Raiders is another independent production among thousands of titles that will inevitably be overshadowed by the brilliance of AAA productions. However, it is a game that offers an experience that is lacking in the gaming market. Few spaceship games have been released for consoles recently. Some of the rare examples of the genre are Ghost Blade HD, Raiden V: Director’s Cut, and Super Hydorah, released in 2017.

The game has different prices for each platform, and on Steam it costs R$ 34.19, on Xbox Live it costs R$ 39 and on PSN it costs an exaggerated R$ 61.50. Even so, for those who like games where the challenge is in proficiency with the controls and not in drag campaigns, this can be a good choice.

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