The Last of Us – Part II: The plot exposes the wounds of a decaying humanity

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas @mjabulas – It took us seven years to find out what happened after Joel wiped out the Fireflies lab staff to save Ellie’s life. But it was worth the wait. The Last of Us – Part II arrives to repeat the feat of the first episode, with references to becoming the best game of 2020 and closing the PS4 generation with a golden key. The aftermath of this adventure is the backdrop for revenge for Ellie, who leaves the village of Jackson in freezing Wyoming to wash her soul with the blood of her enemies. But that’s only the end of the skein.

During the game, Ellie and the other characters dive into a session of self-knowledge and test values ​​and ethical issues (from the perspective of those living in a dog-law world). Disturbances of human nature such as: who we are and where we are going bubble up in the game. Ellie collects drawings and notes in her diary, which reveal the dichotomy of being an adult and a girl at the same time.

But the game goes beyond the eyes of the protagonist. The story is so intense that the player sometimes takes on the role of Ellie’s enemies. It’s a way to tell the other side of the story and give the player an understanding of the actions of these characters. And they often justify what would be unjustifiable.

grunge forever

The Last of Us – Part II is a game that overuses details and information that allows “freshmen” of the franchise to understand the game, even without having played the original title. In the plot, the world fell in September 2013, the year the game was released. Ellie was born six years after the blackout.

The game inserts elements from when it all fell apart, like the employee of the month sign and even a poster announcing the release of Pearl Jam’s Lighting Bolt album, in the remains of a store in music in Seattle. It is worth remembering that the album was released worldwide on October 14, 2013. The poster is a kind of thanks to the group led by Eddie Vedder, who provided the song Future Days, from the album, in the game , for which Joel plays. Elijah.


Finding civilization records, along with reliable maps of Seattle and a view of what its ruins would look like 30 years later, helps the player engage with the story. As well as the dialogues, notes and documents collected by Ellie. However, what makes the player’s throat dry is fear.

He absorbs the tension of being in a hostile environment and with few resources to defend himself. The game is not generous with the player when it comes to ammo, weapons, and consumables. And having only one ball in the needle is what makes this game so intriguing. It takes being quiet, creative, and quick to eliminate threats, traps, and even infect to attack humans are solutions that can clear an area and still help Ellie save resources.

new enemies

As in any good dystopian story, oppressive groups always emerge, like The Walking Dead’s Saviors. In The Last of Us, militias sprung up around what was left of the United States. Now the big threat is the radical Washington Liberation Front (WLF). These guys ran the official task force (Fedra) in Seattle. And if that wasn’t enough, there is still a cult of fanatics in the area. Both are extremely dangerous and sadistically execute their enemies. It is not uncommon to find reports of executions or to come across corpses hanging by the neck. So anything that moves in the game is a threat.


Once again Ellie has to face infected with the fungus that attacks the brain and causes mutations in humans. In addition to the infected, there are also the snappers. This is a later stage of the mutation where they lose their sight, but have keen hearing and are deadly if they manage to reach the player.

Many times the player will have to go through places full of clickers and infected. The trick is to eliminate the clickers first, stealthily. Then infected them. If the player alerts one of them, the friend can even try to run away, but he will hardly make it out alive. If that wasn’t enough, the producers have included a new type of infected that spits acid.

last word

The Last of Us – Part II comes to a great conclusion to the PS4 generation, which was the second most successful since Sony entered console retail in 1995. It’s a flawless game with excellent gameplay, very detailed (with the right to cast shadow distortions depending on the angle of the light source). It is a game with an exquisite plot, which does not spare the player great pain, arguments and moral troubles.

He often has the power to decide whether or not to kill another human being. And their actions are often criticized. In these days of a pandemic, when our attitudes can harm or help others, Ellie’s story comes at the right time to make us reflect on our role in the world we live in.

Exclusive to PS4, from R$ 250.

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