The Last of Us – Part II: We have a look at the new PS4 exclusive

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas – @mjabulas – The Last of Us – Part II hits the market next Friday, exclusive production for PS4, highlighted as one of the great games of 2020. However, since last week most of the press had access to the game , after having signed an extremely severe embargo term, which allows us to publish, since today (12), some information about the game. So, next, we will talk about the game, walking on eggshells, to not not spoil the experience for those who have already made their reservation and can’t wait any longer.

WARNING: Below the reader will not find any plot information or spoilers. In fact, the image in this preview was selected by Sony.

The game, as you already know, takes place a few years after the first episode, in which Joel and Ellie travel across the United States so that the girl’s antibodies can serve as the template for a vaccine against the fungus, which has mutated a large part of humanity. . In this game, Ellie takes the lead.

And as the director of the game, Neil Druckman, has already anticipated, the young woman has reached the age of 19. And the game is for maturity and immaturity

of age. By the way, the boss of Naughty Dog has spoken a lot in recent days. Recently, he dismissed issues that the game had exaggerated in gender diversity, to appeal to LGBT audiences.

This week chronicled the effort to convince Pearl Jam to allow the song Future Days, from the Lightning Bolt album, to be included in the story. According to him, music is a kind of amalgam in the relationship between Ellie and Joel. Detail, in the plot, civilization collapses in September 2013, about a month after the release of the disc, which took place on October 14 of that year, in the world in which we live.


But all of these have a strong factor of production. The crucial ingredient of 2013’s game repeats itself in 2020. The Last of Us – Part II once again clings to the emotional factor. Loneliness, fear, camaraderie are contributions that give the game a strong dramatic charge and raise the level of immersion of the player.

In the first game, how not to be sensitive to Joel’s decision to invade the laboratory, as well as the passage where Ellie resumes the gameplay to get supplies to take care of her protector? The same can be said of the DLC, Left Behind, which is again one of the most sensitive things ever done for a game. All of this is present in the game. Long dialogues, notes, unique stories encountered along the way. All of this amplifies the connection the player develops with the plot.


Yes, the friend will take a liking to Ellie’s story, horrors, doubts and reliefs, like seven years ago. But we can’t go any further than that, at least until next week. So, let’s focus on the technical issues of The Last of Us – Part II.

The game comes entirely in Portuguese. Menus, dialogues, dubbing, texts. All correctly translated. And those who are too lazy to read can activate a narration feature that reads everything in the game. Tickets, menus and instructions are narrated by the game. Personally, it’s annoying, it sounds like Google Maps voice that reminds you that you have turned the wrong corner.

On the other hand, the dubbing is very good. Few people know it, but dubbing games is always a big challenge because, unlike movies, in which the dubber manages to match his voice to the expressions of the actors. In a game, the voice actors are usually given the English recorded texts and tracks, and seek to provide the dramatic charge according to the original narration.


Visually, the game is very well finished and with very well detailed scenarios. Footprints and bloodstains alter the landscape, as does the increased level of textures. As in the original title, you can still stumble upon a “fat” PS3 console and some Naughty Dog game packaging, such as Uncharted 2 and Jak and Daxter. In fact, the producer loves these metalanguage moments in his games. In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the player could play as Crash Bandicoot on Nathan Drake’s PSOne.

It will also offer a photo mode. Sony has leveraged this feature in almost all of its exclusives, such as Spider-Man, God of War, and Days Gone. And it’s a fantastic free advertising tool, because the player who shares his unique image on the networks and Sony thanks you for the exposure.

To install the game, you need almost 80 GB of storage. The loading time is much faster than titles like Days Gone and Red Dead Redemption 2, which take time because they are open world. Those who use SSD instead of HD will be able to load the game faster.


The Last of Us – Part II is a linear game, the player can explore the scenarios of each moment of the game, but in theory the plot unfolds like a movie. You can’t ride around Oregon like Deacon on his motorcycle. The player follows a specific path, without many options for paths. In fact, it is still not possible to say when in the USA the story takes place. However, there are times when the map expands, but precisely to confuse the player.

As in the original game, the player has low ammo, melee weapons have low durability. However, the game offers upgrade benches, where it is possible to increase the attributes of firearms. For this you need to collect coins through the scenarios. Searching everything is essential for performing upgrades. So the advice is: turn over every card and read every ticket, as those notes may point the way to finding new weapons and attachments that have made your journey easier.

There are also pills that help Ellie improve her fitness and other skills. And of course, there’s no shortage of rags and liquor bottles for making salad dressings and Molotov cocktails. Movement is very intuitive, with L1 to run, L2 to aim, square to melee attack, R2 to shoot, and arrow keys for quick actions. But as happened in the first game, the buttons often acquire new functions depending on the type of action.


A cool feature is that Ellie plays the guitar. The instrument has an important weight in the construction of the plot. But the coolest thing is that the player has to strum the notes using the Dualshock 4’s touchpad, which functions as the right hand, and the analog directional pad, which is responsible for being the left hand by positioning fingers to mark positions.

Well, if what I can say categorically is that The Last of Us – Part II needs to be played. This is a game that will repeat the success of the original game. My recommendation is that until next Friday, the friend replays the 2013 title, as well as the Left Behind expansion. It’s worth the marathon to jump into the new episode with vivid memories.

Next week, I’ll tell you more.

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