Unravel Two is beautiful and made to play alone or in pairs

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Writing – It is true that the vast majority of games have an aggressive connotation. There are always fights, gunshots, beatings and bombs. The exception is sports games. And look there. But there is room for lighter titles, with a story that is not based on revenge, banditry or survival at all costs. Unravel, produced by Coldwood Interactive and distributed by Electronic Arts, is one such game. The game that places the player in the body of a woolen doll (Yarny) has attracted attention for its photorealistic visual quality and for its sensitive plot, in which the little doll goes in search of the owner of the house where he lived.

In the game, the story begins with the puppet on a boat, but a strong storm throws him overboard and the wire that connects him to the boat breaks. On an island, he finds another small being made of blue wool and the two begin to explore the place.

The second character can be controlled with the first or by a second player. Alone or accompanied, you must use both characters in cooperation to overcome obstacles along the way.

one for the other

Unravel Two is a platform game that follows the model of games like Limbo and Inside, in which the path opens full of obstacles that require reasoning to overcome. What makes it different from most is that the player (or players) must divide up the tasks for each of the characters. A simple example: At some point you have to hold on to a small branch to open the passage to another. Whoever passed must go all the way to make weight and keep the passage open for the teammate who kept the passage clear.

This model is reminiscent of a PC classic, released in the 1990s, called The Lost Vikings. In it, it was necessary to combine the skills of the three characters simultaneously controlled by the player. Unravel Two has similar logic, although both Yarny have the same abilities.


As the game opens up, the obstacles become more complex. This requires, in addition to logical reasoning, the player’s ability to be precise in commands. But if the player finds this difficult, there is a feature that temporarily slows the game down, giving more time to execute commands.

To make life easier for the player who is pursuing a solo career, it is possible to “roll” the two dolls and form one. Therefore, it is not necessary to switch characters all the time.

Do it yourself

Another facet of the game is that the player can modify the characters, with different head and even torso options. It is also possible to change the colors of the threads that form the characters.

With versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it’s an accessible game, at R$61.50 for the Sony console and R$79 for the Microsoft video game, as well as the PC edition, sold on Origin, ET THE.

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Style: PlatformerStudio: Coldwood InteractiveDistributor: Electronic ArtsOnline mode: NoLanguage: English audio, subtitles and menusAvailable: PC, PS4 and Xbox OnePrice: R$61.50 to R$79

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