We played Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part Two

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – Who is my contemporary must remember the old radiolas with different rotations, which varied between 16 and 78 rpm. This adjustment was given by the different ways of recording platelets, with a shorter or longer track. Then we had to adjust the speed of the device so that the sound was not distorted. In “Doom”, it’s more or less like that.

The original 1993 game had a slow spin, while the 2004 game had a medium RPM and after the 2016 reboot the game started to “play” as a Speed ​​Metal band, as did Metallica and Megadeth in the 1980s Now comes “Ancient Gods Part Two” (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series), the second expansion for “Doom Eternal,” which is simply an LP that works like a CD (which varies technically from 180 to 500 rpm).

Doom Elder Gods

In other words, it’s an absurdly fast-paced game, peppered with hellish creatures sprouting up on the screen. And even when playing in the simplest mode, the game is relentless.

Conspiracy of the ancient gods

The third act of “Doom Eternal” ends humanity’s struggle against hell beings. The story, however, begins to take a more whimsical turn. Even though the 2016 reboot has already brought some ritualistic elements to the plot, with the sheer power of Doom Slayer emerging after a ceremony in a crypt, the new content amplifies the mystical discourse mixed with the technological.

Doom Elder Gods

It’s a tale reminiscent of franchises like “Warhammer 40,000”, in which there is a theocratic element involved. This is because, as the name suggests (ancestral gods), this relationship between dimensions is something that comes from a long time ago.

Doom Elder Gods

And in the plot, the player discovers that he is not alone. There are clans and mystical creatures like dragons, in a very different imprint than “Doom 3”, which took a scientific approach to explaining the portal to hell phenomenon.


From “Doom Eternal” to “Ancient Gods Part Two”, the gameplay dynamics have evolved. id developed the game with the logic that the player will play the main campaign, the first expansion and later the second. Including an interval of a few months for the player to complete each of the episodes.

Doom Elder Gods

In this way, “AG2” happens as if it were the second dan of a martial art. The player enters the plot with a series of obstacles, challenges that require knowing how to use the resources indicated above. Double Jump, Boost, Double Barrel Shotgun Hook, Shoulder Cannon, Chainsaw, and Weapon Changes and Upgrades are required early in the story.

The amount of creatures growing on the screen is also frightening. Suddenly that damn Arachnotron spider appears, along with Cacodemons and Mancubus. And once the player takes out this horde, there are even more powerful upgraded versions of it, like the Cyber-Mancubus. All this accompanied by countless possessed soldiers and those little devils who shoot photo bullets.

Doom Elder Gods

One advantage, as in “Ancient Gods Part One”, is that the player enters the campaign with a full arsenal, with all the weapon modifications. Something logical, because since this is an ongoing story, it would be wrong to remove the hard-earned machine tools from the main game.

Heavy metal

The speed of the game is also amplified by the soundtrack composed by David Levy and Andrew Hulshult (Check out our conversation with the musicians), which makes the player even more “empty”. The heavy riff holds up. Of course, it is often impossible to pay attention to the music, but it is she who sets the pace in every battle.


Doom Elder Gods

The graphics of “Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part Two” follow the same pattern as the current series. The game has very well-designed storylines, with that muscular aesthetic that’s common in id games. The play of lighting and shadows is also neat, as is the size of the structures.

last word

Doom Elder Gods

“Ancient Gods Part Two” is nothing more than the final exam for a diploma. This is an FPS that is no longer tactical and realistic to seek a very intense arcade experience. It’s a game where standing still means death. There is no way to stay hidden, flank the enemy, and try to surprise them. In “Doom” the best defense is always offense.

The difficulty level practically forces the player to play the games in their chronological order. It does not behave like a “Call of Duty” or a “Battlefield” which evolves in the challenge following a realistic melody. In “Doom”, you literally face off against the devil and his gang.

A more than deserved closing of the series which has consolidated the shooter genre.

Available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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