We played Hours of Darkness, the DLC for Far Cry 5

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas* | GameCoin Writing – Putting your fingers in the wounds of the American Way of Life seems to be the sadistic goal of the producers of Ubisoft. After Far Cry 5 explored American weapons policy and mixed it with religious fanaticism, the Hours of Darkness expansion places the player in America’s greatest military fiasco: the Vietnam War, which claimed the lives of 58,000 American soldiers and at least 3 million Vietnamese in 11 years of conflict.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a soldier, codenamed Python 25, who was part of a group on a mission. His helicopter is shot down and he wakes up already dominated by North Vietnamese forces. The sequence consists of getting rid of the “Charlies” and rescuing the companions.

The game follows the same structure as the main game, but in a reduced form. The main objective of the campaign is to reach the extraction point, on the opposite side of the map, which replicates the closed jungles of Vietnam. Along the way, new objectives are added, such as taking bases, destroying anti-aircraft artillery, rescuing rebels, finding the rest of the squadron members who have been taken prisoner, and even recovering lighters from pilots. which had jets shot down.

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It should be remembered that other rescuers help the player in battle. But if they’re downed, they don’t come back like the NPCs (computer-controlled characters) in the Far Cry 5 campaign. Rambo). And as we were talking about the toughest green beret in cinema, the game still has explosive bows and arrows, so the player is tempted to tie a red headband.

The places are intended to be faithful to the environment of the war. The agricultural settings of rice fields that merge with the dense forest, as well as the tunnel galleries (where the North Vietnamese entrench themselves during the day) are among the places where the player must brave. Fields devastated by mustard gas, dumped by the Americans, can knock the player out in seconds.

The story

In an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of war, the entire plot takes place at dawn. There is no passage of time like in the main game. However, the clock is ticking forward as the campaign progresses. There is constant dense fog which makes it difficult to see. Using binoculars to mark enemies is key to not being taken by surprise.

And even if artificial intelligence (AI) is not the most provocative, often Charlies (nickname given to the “Vietcongs” of the National Liberation Front of Vietnam, because of the Victor-Charlie pronunciation on the radio for the code VC) surround the player and it becomes difficult to get out of the crossfire, which can cost a rescued teammate their life.


An interesting feature unique to the DLC is the special abilities made available when the player silently executes their enemies. With each enemy kill, a new feature is activated, such as walking silently, being able to mark enemies from a distance, among other feats. However, when the player is discovered, the benefits are nullified.


Hours of Darknes is the first of three additional missions programmed for Far Cry 5, which will still have the episodes: Dead Living Zombies, which drinks from the inexhaustible source of the zombie apocalypse and Lost in Mars, which transports the player on the red planet. , where there are hostile visitors.

Text published in the June 24 edition of the newspaper Hoje em Dia

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