We tested the mandatory Capcom Arcade Stadium

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | @mjabulas – Capcom is one of the labels most familiar with the art of product repackaging. That’s because every now and then it releases a collection or re-release of older games for more modern platforms. And even if the gamer already owns a few games on other consoles, he always ends up buying. And tomorrow she’s going to buy again. And so she just launched the “Capcom Arcade Staduim”, a collection that builds a real arcade inside the TV or monitor. With four versions, three with 10 game packs and another complete with 32 titles, the pack features popular games from the PC producer (via Steam). Prices range from R $ 40 to R $ 170.

Games like “Final Fight”, “Street Fighter II” are there, alongside classics like “1942”, “1943”, as well as “Captain Commando”, “Ghosts n Goblins”, “Air Wings”, among others which were booming in arcade houses and taverns around the corner, they are part of the package.

tokens on the counter

But what makes this collection cool is that the game creates a graphical interface that simulates a gambling house. The player must place the tokens (which are infinite and free) and the game is displayed as if the player is in a first person game in front of the machine.

That’s right! With the left stick, the player controls what is happening “on the machine screen”. Already the right analog allows the player to move with the “head”, being able to see the buttons pressed, the joystick, as well as the games in the cabins on the side.

The player can even customize their arcade. The game offers different formats of machines, like the Japanese ones, with an inclined screen, as well as models known to those who confiscated the change of bread to play a “Street” chip on their way to the bakery.


Capcom also offers a wide variety of filters that simulate different types of monitors, as well as the level of detail. It also allows the player to play without the arcade setting.


But it’s not just cool looks and old school games that “Capcom Arcade Stadium” offers. The title has several speed settings so that the player can play at the pace they feel is most comfortable. It might sound silly, but some old school games like “1943” and “Street Figher II Turbo: Hyper Fighting” are too fast. So you can adjust the speed to make them slower or faster.

The game also allows the player to replay. You can repair that hit that didn’t come out, as well as get a second chance when hit by a deadly item. Not to mention the ease of saving at any time.

In addition to speed, infinite saves and tokens are needed to adjust the logic of an arcade game to a home game. This is because the arcade games that emerged in the 1980s had the function of being profitable for households. In other words, they were extremely difficult to swallow as many player chips as possible.

Today, the scenario is different: the player buys a game and wants to get to the end without big sacrifices. Thus, the Capcom package allows the player to complete the game without counting the chips.

Capcom Arcade

Capcom rarities

Although the package does not include classics like “Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs” or “The Punisher”, the game does contain some hard-to-find games like “Armored Warriors” (pictured right). The game released in 1994 follows the same recipe as the Beat ‘n ups, but with the player controlling gigantic robots. The great advantage of this game is that the player can improve their steel warrior, with accessories such as cannons, articulated arms, caterpillars, spider legs and floats. The pack also includes titles like “Mercs” and “Forgotten Worlds” which have become known in console conversions such as Mega Drive.

last word

“Capcom Stadion Arcade” follows the same path as “Capcom Arcade Cabinet”, which was offered on PS3 and Xbox 360. The difference is that it has become more practical, cute and organized. This is cool content for those who like old games and like to discover titles from the past that weren’t very common. And even the most expensive version (170 BRL) for consoles is still a fair price, considering the unit price of 5.30 BRL per game. Worth every penny.

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