Wolfenstein Youngblood – BJ’s Powerpuff Girls

by Nathan Dutil

Marcelo Jabulas | GameCoin Newsroom – Female heroes used to be exotic characters in the entertainment industry. Elen Ripley and Sarah Connor had to battle aliens and robots from the future to take on the big, shirtless dudes of 1980s movie theaters. In games, heroines have always looked out of proportion to good guys. Carmen Sandiego and Lara Croft were basically the only expressive protagonists of the last millennium.

But in recent years, the balance has become more balanced, and they’ve taken over the narrative from movies, books, and games. Just to stay in the games, the girls starred in titles like Alien Isolation, Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Unchated: Lost Legacy are a few examples. But the Bethesta gang decided to put not one, but two powerful girls at once in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

The story

The game follows the franchise’s timeline and is set less than 20 years after Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, when BJ Blazkowicz manages to defeat the Nazis in the United States. Set in the 1980s, the game features BJ and Anya’s twins: Sophie and Jessica. A brunette and a blonde. The first is more tricky and calculating. The second is hard and explosive. Together, they go in search of Blazko who has disappeared. The last trace of the old soldier was found in Paris. And it is in what remains of the City of Light that the story takes place.

Youngblood is also innovating when applying cooperative campaigns. The player can play alone (with the help of the machine) or as another player, via the network. Playing with a friend can make things easier as sisters can save each other when injured, as well as share armor energy.

For those who don’t remember or know, at the end of The New Order Blazko suffered a broken spine and he was left paraplegic. He was only able to regain movement in his legs thanks to armor that belonged to the leader of the resistance in The New Colossus. Now the twins also receive the combat suit and go against the Nazis on French territory.

couple life

The cooperative mode makes the game less lonely, after all, the two sisters talk between the elbows all the time. They curse, argue, praise each other and always show fear. After all, they are teenagers who, although trained by their guerrilla parents, are still girls discovering the world. But instead of worn jeans or leggings, they wear metal clothes and collect machine guns.

The choice of characters does not offer major changes to the structure of the game. The player, when selecting between Jess or Soph, can choose which attributes each will have. What does not change is the starting weapon. Sophie has a sniper rifle and Jessica has a shotgun. These are the elements that identify your personality traits.

But don’t worry if it will hurt your combat effectiveness. In the first mission, it is possible for the sisters to acquire the same weapons, taken from dead Nazis.

character development

Since Bethesda rebooted the series in The New Order, the player can unlock their character’s abilities. In the game, this mechanism is more sophisticated, and the player not only accumulates experience points that can be converted into new moves and tricks, but also accumulates money.

Those familiar with the series know that collecting hit points, armor, and ammo from fallen soldiers is a must. Now there are also coins. This money is used to compare weapon upgrades, such as scopes, stocks, extended magazines, and other warrior details. And one of the great criticisms of the game is precisely that Bethesda has included microtransactions in the game. The player can buy credits to improve his equipment.

The countryside

Youngblood follows the trivial first-person shooter (FPS) model. Scenarios composed of corridors, rooms and alleys, which essentially order the path of the player, according to a linear path. However, the game is full of hidden locations, which hide collectibles and survival resources.

The first missions have a didactic function and place the player in the plot. Once the sisters have arrived in Paris, it is possible to choose the missions as the player(s) wish.

last word

Youngblood bets on new gameplay features such as cooperative campaign, in-app purchases and quest choices. Even so, it stays true to the template of a frenetic shooter, with countless enemies popping up on screen. All sprinkled with the violence specific to the franchise.

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